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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Rolling Blackouts - Move To Electric Vehicles - Our Electric Grid - Infrastructure.....

I'm hearing of growing rolling blackouts around the country and at the same time I'm hearing about major automobile manufacturers moving swiftly into electric vehicles.

It sounds like our electric grid is pushed to it's limits now. What's going to happen in the next 3 to 9 years when more and more electric vehicles are put on the road?

Seems to me that we need to move fast when it comes to upgrading the infrastructure and electric grid in this country or face even greater blackouts in the future.

Am I missing something here? Anyone else want to chime in on this conversation?

And The Demoralization At The Hands Of Tr**p Continues.....

We've lived this for the last 4-5 years and I guess we'll still have to endure his treasonous criminality.

How Soon Will Tr**p Begin Campaigning For The 2024 Repug Presidential Nomination?....

I believe he will initiate his campaign today as soon as he is acquitted by his co-conspirators in the Senate.

These Repug Senators have a chance to rid themselves of this stain on their Party. I'm afraid that they are going to whiff this opportunity - just as they did in Tr**p's first impeachment.

Sounds Like Steven Miller Wrote The Defense Closing Arguments....

How soon will Tr**p come out of his hidey hole and gloat that he was exonerated?

The Longer This Impeachment Trial Proceeds Makes It Just That Much More Harder For....

the Repugs to vote to acquit Tr**p.

Call the Repugs bluff. If they are adding witnesses - the House Managers should add more witnesses too.

How about Mike Flynn? How about My Pillow Lindell? Ask the about declaring 'martial law'?

I'm sure that Tr**p and his lawyers don't want that can of worms opened up.

And The Coup Goes On - And The Coup Goes On.....

Tr**p keeps pounding trauma in our brains - la de da de dee - la de da de dah!!!!!

Boy - This Really Puts A Crimp In Tr**p's Golf Game Today

How can he concentrate on a putt, a chip or a drive?

Now he knows what we were feeling the last 4 years.

The Repugs Could End This Today If They Would Only Agree To Vote To Convict.....

I'm thinking that Raskin saying he wants to have a witness - was because of Moscow Mitch saying he's going to vote to acquit.

I think they are playing a 3 dimensional chess game now - a game of chicken. Who's going to crack?

Tr**p is out on the golf course probably thinking that he would be acquitted today and readying himself to put his mug out there and say he was exonerated.

This has thrown a monkey wrench in this.

Tr**p's lawyer was glad it would be over today with an acquittal because he has nothing more to defend Tr**p with.

This has thrown a monkey wrench in his day.

The Repugs can rid themselves of Tr**p if they'd would vote to convict. Why don't they think of the country and their oath and do the right thing? It might also save their Party.

Tr**p's Lawyer Is Really Agitated...

He thought he was home free today. Vote to acquit and I don't have to defend the undefensible Tr**p. He has nothing and is backpedaling as fast as he can. He"s spooked.

Did I Hear Right - Congressional Aides That Work In The Congressional Offices In D.C......

for House Reps and Senators have signed a letter advocating that Tr**p be convicted?

If you've ever done any lobbying in Washington D.C. and walk the halls of the Senate and Congressional Bldgs - you know that it is young adults that essentially run Washington D.C.. These are the employees that work in the offices of Senators and Congressmen/women that handle the day to day happenings and meet with the public and pass on info to the Senator or Congress person.

Very rarely do you get to meet with a Congressman/woman or Senator in person. You mainly meet with their aides.

My understanding is that they put a letter together and had it signed by over 500 of these aides to vote to convict Tr**p.

I hope that they go on strike in the offices of any of the Senators that vote to acquit Tr**p. Who would want to work for someone that supports insurrection.
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