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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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This Is A National Emergency This Impeachment Vote Needs To Happen ASAP...

They need to get in and vote by tomorrow - not wait till next week. Trump is dangerous and a threat to our democracy. They should have never recessed. They should have stayed in DC and got this done and not rely on Pence. IMHO Pence is just as responsible for this insurrection as Trump.

Pence should have resigned on Monday or Tuesday of this week and he wouldn't have had to deal with Trump's urging him to change the outcome of the election, or deal with this 25A or maybe having to pardon Trump before the 20th.

Pence blew it. Now he's stuck.

Have The Pics Of The Insurrectionists With The Zip Ties Been Shown On....


I've watched a lot of footage of the storming of the Capitol Bldg and the only place I saw the pics of two guys with zip ties was here on DU.

This Insurrection Has Taken The Pandemic Off Page One....

What is the 'death toll' up to now that we are two days beyond the 'Capitol Ransacking Coup Attempt'?

Does Anyone Have A Pic Of The Rioter In Full Black Riot Gear Carrying Zip Ties?.....

I saw it in one of the original posts here on DU. I scanned down to look at the comments that were made about the pic. When I went back to the original post - it looked like somebody edited out most of the pic and placed a Parler banner over most of it to obliterate it.

That's never happened here before. It really bothers me that this happened.

I've watched a lot of the insurrection yesterday and looked at a lot of pics yesterday and today of this riot. This was the only place I saw this pic of the sinister/professional looking guy with the zip ties.

Part of the commentary in the post was that this was part of the plan to kidnap some of the House or Senate members and take them from the Capitol Bldg so they couldn't complete the Electoral Vote Count and certify the election of Biden.

I would appreciate it if somebody would re-post that pic or at least explain to me what happened to the pic in the original post.

Here's a link to that OP with the edited pic: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=14846589

Is Trump That Diabolical That He Had The Ability To Plan & Pull Off This Insurrection By Himself?...

It really seems like this was a planned attack on the Capitol Bldg. It seems like everything was set up to facilitate Trump's deplorable supporters in storming the Capitol Bldg and overwhelming the Capitol Police (some of these Capitol Police seemed to be aiding these rioters in getting into the Capitol Bldg. I heard some of these Police were seen to be taking selfies with the rioters).

This so-called protest was announced over social media. Trump forewarned us that something big was coming on Jan 6th. It looked like the Capitol Police force stood down. The National Guard and the DC Police weren't in position.

I've been to DC countless times and the Capitol Bldg is really secure and protected - but for some reason - it wasn't on Jan 6th 2021.

Prior to the siege - Trump spoke to his supporters and incited the crowd and actually encouraged them to march down to the Capitol Bldg. Rudy G. also made comments re: 'Let's have trial by combat,' he told Trump supporters hours before hundreds and shortly afterwards, hundreds of these Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building.

It actually looked like the doors were opened for these rioters to let them walk right into the building.

Now I'm of the opinion that Trump is not that smart to be able to make this happen all by himself or even think of a plan like this all by himself. And as an aside - it didn't look all that spontaneous. These rioters were prepared. Most of which had backpacks on and God know what they had inside those backpacks (i.e., guns, explosive devices, etc).

So the question is - who helped Trump in the planning of this siege of the Capitol Building? Who else was in on this? Rudy? Michael Flynn? the Proud Boys? Did Pence know this was coming? the RNC? Moscow Mitch?

I guess I'm just suspect that there is something even more sinister going on under the surface - under our noses.

Any thoughts on this? Who besides Trump was in on this? Or is Trump that smart that he could have directed and produced this whole thing by himself.

Is It Just A Coincidence That Now That The Dems Control The Senate, House & WH That The Repugs Are..

talking the 25A; impeachment; jumping ship and resigning administration jobs; cabinet posts; etc - and finally talking tough about Trump? Saying things like "These people that stormed the Capitol Bldg don't represent real Republicans."

Now why would you think that is happening now - 13 days before Trump's term ends?

What Happened To All Those Rioters - Did They Leave DC Last Night Or.....

are they still around to cause even more trouble today?

I would think that they were emboldened by yesterday's events.

Was DC quiet last night? How did the curfew go? Is anyone doing any follow-up on this crowd today?

Do You Think Trump's Bone Spurs Are A Result Of Him....

shooting himself in the foot on everything he does?

As Long As We Keep Using Terms Like Battleground States And....

'the other side of the aisle' we will not be able to stop the fighting between these two parties and our government will never function like it should - working for the people instead of working to keep their jobs.

The Events Of Today Changed Her Mind.....

not the insurrection at the Capitol but her loss in Georgia today. She doesn't have to cowtow to Trump anymore. The people have spoken. Good-bye Kelly.
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