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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,858

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I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Trump Fired His/These Lawyers Today......

They didn't do a good job representing him.

If You Think About This - Throwing Trump's Followers Under The Bus Works In The Repugs Favor.....

Tr**p's lawyer threw Tr**p's followers under the bus.

Here me out on this:

The Repugs fear Tr**p/Tr**pism/MAGA's. They have that fear because they feel that they need to be in TR**p's good graces or they will lose their job - lose their power base.

The Repugs are worried also - that Tr**p could form a 3rd Party to further threaten them.

Well - with Tr**p's lawyers throwing Tr**p's followers under the bus - it's like an arrow into these followers hearts - that Tr**p has thrown them under the bus to save himself.

It's Tr**p's MO. Deflect the blame on everyone else - but not shoulder any of the blame himself.

If Tr**p's followers feel betrayed by him and they dump him - that threat that the Repugs feel that Tr**p could end their careers; harm their families or start a 3rd Party - goes away. Tr**p will have no base with which to form a 3rd Party.

If they were smart now - they would vote to 'CONVICT' Tr**p in this impeachment trial and go that one step further - vote so he can't hold office again in this great country of ours. Put the nail in his coffin and end his reign of terror on the Party forever. They could do this now and get away with it and make Tr**p look like the scoundrel he is.

They should also go on record every chance they get and let Tr**p's followers know that Tr**p threw them under the bus. He betrayed them.

So very neatly - Tr**p loses his base support. The Re pugs remove Tr**p as the 'so-called' leader of their Party. Tr**p cannot ever be elected again and pose a threat to the Repug Party. And Tr**p fades into the obscurity of history as the worse president ever in U.S. History.

I Keep Saying There's Power In Numbers Here....

The Repugs had an opportunity with the 1st impeachment to rid themselves of Tr**p. They blew it because they let him intimidate them.

Tr**p not learning his lesson gave them an opportunity to correct the error of their ways and gave them the opportunity to again - rid the Repug Party of Tr**p.

Tr**p not having the pedestal that he's had the first time around is weakened.

If the Repugs in the Senate were smart they'd realize that there is 'power in numbers'.

Tr**p can't possibly take them all on and take revenge on all of them. They need to band together and vote to 'convict' Tr**p this time and once and for all rid Tr**p from the Repug Party.

They could crush him this time. Vote to 'convict' and then all of them come out with both barrels blazing and mount a verbal campaign against Tr**p aimed at Tr**p's supporters and all Repugs - that Tr**p is toxic to their Party and that he should be sent into the obscurity of history.

They can do this if they get themselves organized and come together as a Party and rally around the Country versus rallying around Tr**p and the Party.

I Bet If Some Repug Senator Suggested That They Impeach Obama Today Post Presidency That,,,,,,

the Repugs would come up with some rational as to how and why they could impeach him now that he's been out of office for over 5 years.

They're gonna hide behind the excuse that you can't impeach Tr**p because he's no longer the president - but if they were to attack Obama with impeachment now - they'd find a way to justify it.

QANONSENSE - That Was The Title Of Colbert's Show Last Night And.....

I really thought it captured what Qanon really is and what it is trying to do.

I'm thinking Qanon is punking us.

I'm thinking somebody is playing a joke on a large portion of the american people to see how far they could go with 'nonsensical' conspiracy theory's and still have people believe they are true.

So you Q followers - you are being punked.

You are being made fun of. They/we are laughing at you and saying how imbecilic you are for believing these 'nonsensical' conspiracy theories.

Think about it, We laughed at Tr**p when he spouted conspiracy theory's.

We are laughing at MT Greene. We laughed at the 'horned shaman'.

And yes - we are laughing - at you - you stupid Q follower.

Anyone Else Out There In DU Land Thinking About All The Plotting And Scheming That's Going On Right.

now in Mar-A-Lago?

It would be interesting to see who is visiting Trump and who he is talking to (besides his lawyers) now that he is silenced from social media.

I got to think that there is a lot of anti-American/anti- democracy talk going on behind the scenes right now.

Kinda scary if you contemplate to much on these thoughts - especially after watching the storming of the Capitol and the events of Jan 6th.

One Way To Silence MT Greene Is To Get Trump To Realize She Is Stealing His Stage And That....

the media is turning their attention to Greene and away from Trump.

She is knocking Trump out of the headlines and is relegating him to a position behind her.

I'm not so sure that Trump wants to compete with a female counterpart of him.

He's got to cut her off at the knees now before she builds up any more of a following. I don't think he wants to compete with her for the 2024 nomination.

I Bet If Trump Heard Enough Of Us Calling Him A Chicken For Not Showing Up To Testify......

he would wind up showing up.

Knowing what we know about Trump and his wanting to be the center of attention - I'm sure he wants to testify. I'll bet his lawyers talked him out of showing up.

I also bet that Trump would overrule his lawyers - if he heard all over the cable news shows that he is chicken for not agreeing to show up and testify.

Hey Trump - You're a Chicken!!!!!

It's My Understanding That The Covid Stimulus Act Being Debated is Very Popular With American's....

I just don't understand why the Repugs aren't getting behind the version President Biden wants to get passed.

It would seem to me that the Repugs could benefit their Party by saying that this stimulus has 'bipartisan' support so that they can bask in some of the glory of its passage.

Why are they being such jerks about it?

I'm Confused - Some Are Saying Trump Can't Be Impeached - He's No Longer President And....

it's unconstitutional. And Trump wants his lawyers to say that he is the rightful president because the election was rigged and stolen from him.

Sounds to me that he is on both sides of the argument.
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