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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,875

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We're Gonna Have A Ton Of Candidates Running For President In 2024.....

All these people that are criticizing Biden and saying what they would have done in Afghanistan if they were president. They're all over TV, Radio and the Internet. We got 1000's of experts out there that feel that they are qualified to pile on Biden.

TFG Should Run For The Presidency Of Afghanistan And Take His Insurrectionists And.....

mercenary armies to fight the Taliban. He's got all the answers. He alone can win this.

He could become a hero if he takes back the country for the Afghani's.

Who Supplies The Taliban - Where Do They Get Their Money From....

Is Russia supplying arms to the Taliban? Are they supporting the Taliban in order to make Biden look bad? Is Russia still in cahoots with the Repugs - wanting the Repugs and Tr**p to get back in power? Is this what is going on?

Did Kevin Costner Get Paid For His Appearance In The Field Of Dreams Game Yesterday?.....

Just curious? Or was this a sincere gesture on his part for his fortune to be cast in the original movie that has become a classic?

What Is The Dem Plan To Retain The House & Senate In 2022 & 2024?.....

I'll be very pissed if we let the Repugs steal these elections away because of gerrymandering and all the voter suppression ploys they are passing in the Red States.

We see what is going on with respect to these issues. It would be real sad if we don't do something to prevent losing.

Are The Tr**p's - djt, eric, ivanka & jarad maintaining....

MSM silence? I haven't heard or read much on any of them.

Stopping This Pandemic Is Like Plugging Holes In A Dike......

As soon as one hole is plugged - another one opens up - and so on.

This is because we're all doing something different to deal with this pandemic.

You have 50 states doing their own thing.

You have maskers and anti-maskers.

You have vaxxers and anti-vaxxers.

People traveling from a hot spot in the country - to one that has things reasonably under control - and the Covid breaks out again.

You have mutations of the virus.

You have super-spreader events (i.e., Lollapoolooza; Sturgis; etc) where people throw caution to the wind.

You have Repugs turning this into a political football (i.e., let people get Covid - it'll make Biden look bad).

You have all this going on and as soon as those that do the right thing to take control - you have people doing just the opposite.

You have people wanting very badly to get back to a pre-pandemic normal. Get back to work. Get back to eating at restaurants. Get back to vacations. Get back to school. etc, etc, etc.

We rush things and we keep making the same mistakes as we expect different results.

I don't know if we'll ever get this under control.

Tr**p Loyalty Card or Saddam Hussein's Iraq's Most Wanted Deck Of Cards.....

When I heard about a Tr**p loyalty card - the first thing I thought about was the 'deck of cards' that was issued during the 2003 invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition.

"The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency developed a set of playing cards to help troops identify the most-wanted members of President Saddam Hussein's government, mostly high-ranking members of the Iraqi Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party or members of the Revolutionary Command Council; among them were some of Hussein's family members.

The cards were officially named the "personality identification playing cards". As of 2021, all but 4 of the 52 most wanted have been either captured or killed, eleven of whom have been released."

Maybe its time to counter release a 'deck of Tr**p cards' with all the treasonous members of his administration that got us to where we are today - on the brink of losing our democracy.

I'm sure we could come up with 52 Tr**p personnel to fill out the deck.

Saddam Hussein was the ace of spades in his deck.

Tr**p's card should be the joker.

We could have a counter fund raiser with a Tr**p Deck.

NOTE: Info on the Saddam Hussein Deck of Cards was obtained at this link:

Have Any Of The 1/6 Insurrectionist's Committed Suicide?....

Four of the police that protected the Capitol that day have now committed suicide. And for what? Really, really sad!!!

Has Anyone Point Blank Asked Mark Meadows Or TFG Directly About The Cabinet Meeting?.....

What do you mean you were holding a Cabinet Meeting? What do you mean you attended a Bedminster Cabinet Meeting?.

Your not prez anymore. He's not prez anymore.

What the hell are you talking about - a Cabinet Meeting?

Who else is in this so-called cabinet?

Are you delusional? Are you just humoring TFG?

Are you making plans for another insurrection?

What's up???
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