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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,751

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It's Really A Slap In The Face To All Americans For Manchin To.....

be yukking it up at the Kennedy Center Honors.

He's having fun and enjoying himself on our dime.

I'm just sick and tired of having my nose rubbed in the dirt by the likes of Manchin, Sinema and the Repugs in general.

The Negotiations That Biden Has On-Going With The Repugs On Bills Like The Infrastructure.....

is the Repugs just running out the clock.

They have no intention of compromising with Biden and the Dems - they are just wasting time - to run the clock down to the Midterms.

The proof was in the Commission Bill - where they negotiated and the Dems basically gave them everything that they demanded.

When the time came for them to vote on that - they didn't honor their negotiated compromises. They basically - ran out the clock.

That's what they are going to do with everything.

Why are we playing into their hands?

Have Any Repugs Taken Offense To The MSM Talking Heads Accusing R's Of Destroying Democracy?....

I think if I were a Repug and I heard the MSM talking heads - on an around the clock basis - saying that my Party was out to destroy our democracy - I would take offense.

I would want to defend my Party and I would want to make sure that I would give examples as to how my Party is defending democracy.

The fact that I don't hear any Repugs - except Liz Cheney, Adan Kinzinger & Romney - taking a stand for democracy - I got to think that the Repugs are actually and methodically trying to destroy our democracy.

Can We Buy Manchin's & Sinema's Votes?.....

Let's talk the other 48 Dem Senators into donating $25,000 each. By my calculation that's $1.2 million total dollars or $600,000 each for Manchin and Sinema.

The money can go to their re-election campaigns.

The only thing we'd ask in return is that the vote to end the filibuster.

These other 48 Dem Senators should each be making a visit to Manchin and Sinema's D.C. offices to put pressure on them to end the filibuster. There should be a revolving door of Dem Senators - hell also include the Dem's in the House - to continually badgering both of them until they give in and vote with all the Dems.

I can't believe that Schumer and Biden can't apply pressure on those two. There must be something that will get them to vote with the rest of the Dems.

How Soon Will It Be When Tr**p Realizes Everyone Is Making Fun Of His August Return Comment.....

that we'll be hearing him say that this is just 'fake news' and that he never said that he'd return to office in August.

He can't stand being made fun of - and when he catches on that he's being called demented and a fool for saying such - he'll deny he's ever said this.

He'll say MSM made this all up to make fun of him.

I think that moment is coming.

If The History Channel Ever Does A Show On Tr**p - They Should Name It.....

"The Tightwad That Bilked America"

Aren't The Senators & House Members Of The States That Are Lagging Behind On Vaccinations.....

responsible for the lack of participation by their constituency?

Shouldn't they be out in their respective states advocating their people get vaccinated for Covid?

By their lack of support for vaccinations - aren't they putting their constituency at risk - that would ultimately play into a failing economy in their respective states?

Where Were Our Intelligence Services In The Run-Up/Planning Of The 1/6 Insurrection And....

I got to think that they know what really went down on 1/5 meeting at the Tr**p Hotel and 1/6 the ransacking of the Capitol Building - the Insurrection.

Also - I got to think that the Secret Service Agents that protect the former guy - have been privy to much of the strategies that have been employed by this previous administration.

Now I know that they have an oath to protect the holder of the office - but my question - if they learn that this holder of the office is directly advocating a coup - wouldn't they be bound to alert the intelligence services?

Fight Fraudit With Audit.....

You know how it is said that the Repugs use 'projection' in their daily dirty dealings.

In the case of the 'big lie' - they are claiming election fraud all over the country and they are instituting these 'audits/fraudits' and passing in new voting laws in Repug controlled states in the name of fixing the fraud.

They say that the Dems committed voting fraud and fixed elections - but we've always suspected that it is the Repugs that are the ones that have been cheating and altering the votes in their favor. Think KKKarl Rove. The voting machines owned by Repug companies.

I think that the Repugs believe that if they call 'foul' on the Dems - that they come out looking - squeaky clean and noble as they delve into voter fraud issues. That the Dems would never even attempt such a stunt to begin with.

I believe that the Dems should counter-attack and pick maybe one or two states - I would choose South Carolina and Kentucky - and investigate or audit the 2020 Senate races in these states - much like the Repugs are doing in Arizona.

The Dems should claim that they have suspicions that the Repugs in those States stole those Senate seats - and the Dems should institute audits to get to the bottom of it. I don't think the Repugs would react favorably if the Dems did this. Think of it - the balance of the Senate - could be determined on these races. And if the Dems are right - the Repugs probably manipulated the votes in those two states to assure that they won those two seats.

I really don't think that the Repugs would know what hit them. The Repugs would never think that the Dems would make such a claim - let alone start an audit of these elections.

The Dems should 'fight fraudit with audit'. Use the Repugs own playbook to get them to back off on their shenanigans they are creating all over the country.

Two can play the same game. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Just Curious - It's No Secret - We Hear About It Everyday On MSNBC & CNN .....

that the Repugs are systematically destroying our democracy.

From the Big Lie that the former guy foisted on us. To the 1/6 Capitol Insurrection. To the voter suppression activities that are going on across the country. To the gerrymandering to manipulate the upcoming elections to the Repug advantage. To the support being given by Repugs - both in and out of office - to encourage the overthrow of the government. To the obstruction of progress in correcting the insanity left over from the former guy's administration by McCarthy and McConnell. To the far, far right crazies that are running around the country firing up the MAGA's and telling them the former guy is the rightful leader and will be re-instated come August.

The talking heads - employed by MSNBC & CNN - tell us what's happening on a day-to-day basis. They know that this government is being systematically being destroyed by the Repug Party - and all they can do is tell us this is happening - and they along with our Dems in the House, Senate & White House - are helpless to prevent or stop this from happening.

This helplessness is turning into hopelessness.

Then my thoughts turn to the Repugs. Those in office and those out in the country that vote these people into office.

Are they blind to all of these goings on? Are there not some 'real Patriots' out there that realize what their Party is doing and can put a stop this craziness from within their Party?

Are there not any Repugs out there that still believe in Democracy? Where are they?
Even Romney, Murkowski, Liz Cheney go only so far and then they seem to back off.

Are all Repugs just going to step aside and let this destruction continue until it's too late?

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