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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,875

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We'll Know When Climate Change Really Has Gone Too Far To Stop Or Reverse.....

We'll know because the Repugs will start blaming the Dems for doing nothing about 'climate change'.

Mask Panic Attack!!!!.....

I'm wondering if anyone is having the same experience as I am having.

All through this pandemic I protected myself (72y/o with underlying conditions). I quarantined. I socially distanced. I wore my mask. I wore protective eye covering. I wore rubber gloves. Carried hand sanitizer and used it religiously. Washed my hands. Didn't touch my face. Isolated all my mail and sanitized it with Lysol spray before I opened it. Wiped down any item I bought at a store or was delivered to my home. I'm vaccinated since March. Pfizer 2 shots.

Now the CDC and my State have said we aren't required to wear masks if we are vaccinated.

The town that I live in had a 4th of July concert in the center of town on July 2nd. I ventured down there trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

The area where the concert was staged was cordoned off and the townspeople were crammed into a small space with their chairs, blankets, coolers, and picnic baskets.

Nobody - I repeat - nobody - was wearing a mask.

I tried to be brave and ventured into the crowd without my mask on.

The people were literally one on top of another. Kids and teenagers were running through the crowd. The adults were imbibing on liquid alcoholic refreshments. Everybody appeared to be enjoying themselves.

It looked like pre-pandemic times. One would have never known that we just came out of this year of quarantine and isolation.

As I got further into the crowd - I FROZE. The thought of all these people around me. Bumping into me. Breathing on me. Caused me to panic and I froze. Standing in the midst of this crowd - taking it all in and I began to hold my breath and look for the quickest exit out of this cordoned area.

I couldn't wait to get back into my car and get back home where I felt safe and secure.

I want to know if my experience here was just me - OR - has anyone else out there had a similar experience.

I know that if I go shopping anywhere - I will be wearing my mask. What I don't know is if I'll ever be able to break myself of that mask habit and get back to normal.

I'm curious to hear about others experiences and any suggestions that will get me to rejoin society and return to normalcy.

I Heard Something About Redbox Going Public.....

what's the story?

Ever Since Tr**p Began His Bid For The Presidency He's Sheltered His Tax Returns.....

by saying they were under audit. He's lost the presidency and now is just TFG - and we've yet to really get into the meat of his taxes.

Now there is a reason that he doesn't want his taxes made public. He's hiding something and I don't think it is what we've got a taste of today with the Weisselberg indictment.

There is something more damaging that he is hiding.

Now I hope that Vance has Tr**p's taxes and that there is more coming down the pike - but I got to think we've just were given the tip of the iceberg today and that there is more to come that is very damaging to Tr**p and Tr**p Organization.

With Respect To Ivanka's Company - Was Weisselberg Ivanka's CFO As Well?....

I got to think Weisselberg was pulling the same tricks at her company as well.

Then what about Jared's company. Who is his CFO? Again - I got to think if Weisselberg was doing this for the Tr**p Org - Tr**p or Weisselberg shared that little trick with Jared's CFO as well.

I think Vance needs to do a little more probing into both Ivanka and Jared's companies and see if they could be charged similarly.

Any Comments Here?

Has Anyone Asked Don Jr., Eric or Ivanka If They Would Go To Jail To....

protect their father?

I'd be curious to hear their answers.

So The Tr**p Organization Is Indicted But....

the news of the day has taken that story right off the front page.

Let's Face It - If The Dems Don't Get Rid Of The Filibuster And Start....

passing and signing bills that can save this nation - we're screwed.

Does DeSantis Have Any Culpability In The Condo Collapse?.....

You know if there was a Dem Gov in FL - the Repugs would find a way to blame him/her.

I Just Learned That An Amazon Store Will Soon Be Opening Up Near Me...

What exactly is an Amazon Store?
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