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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 41,457

Journal Archives

Do we have a hurricane problem?

From Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug"

What DEFCON level did DU reach last night? n/t

WOOOOTTTT! Obama wins!

Nice job everyone!

I keep hearing that the election is going good for Obama. If you haven't voted yet, GO VOTE.

Don't let good news dissuade you. GOTV

Ben Tribbett (from Not Larry Sabato) final predicitions:

"In the Senate race, Tim Kaine has a healthy lead over George Allen who never seemed to grasp that it was no longer 1993. We are rating this as a "Likely Democratic" hold, and my best guess would be a Kaine margin of 7%.

In the Presidential race in Virginia, Barack Obama has regained the momentum and heads into election day with the advantage here over Mitt Romney. We are rating this as a "Leans Democratic" hold. If I had to guess margin, I would say around 4% of the vote.

It's quite possible for the first time in modern history that we will see Virginia voting as a state to the left of the decisive tipping point state elsewhere. This is because of the exploding demographics here. In fact, Obama should be going from a 250K margin to a 400K margin this year in Virginia, and the fact that he will be well short of that is a credit to the GOP's campaign. But without a national tidal wave, they won't be able to turn Virginia red in 2012, and it may be another generation or two until this state votes Republican for President again."

Whole post here:

"Bunch of Repub poll workers seem to have been bused in from some place called Kolob. Where's that?"

- Ben Tribbett at Not Larry Sabato

Have we entered DEFCON 2 or 3?

Edits are gone, the home page is turned off, and the # of posts next to the user-names have vanished.

Planning Your Election Party

From Brian McFadden

Your link to all the outraged fake voting machine problem posts


Feel free to add the ones I missed.

C'Mon people, GOTV.

"Praying, praying, praying that tonight's results are not a windfall for comedians" - Frank Conniff

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