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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 43,240

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Clint Eastwood's next film was just announced.

He'll star in the remake of "Harvey."

Best guess for the Mystery Speaker?

Joe the Plumber
Bristol Palin
Jon Voight
Ken Cucinnelli
A Reagan impersonator or hologram
Katherine Harris
Donald Trump
Sheriff Arpaio
Ben Quayle

Who'd I forget? Any other guesses?

The choice will probably be pretty underwhelming and will be a big letdown for the already bored delegates.

Last night it all became clear to me....

The GOP Convention is a dud because their candidates and ideas are duds. If we GOTV and prevent Romney from winning, the future of the GOP is pretty grim. So without further ado: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2016 Republican Primary!

The part of Herman Cain will be played by Artur Davis
The part of Rick Perry will be played by Ken Cucinnelli
The part of Newt Gingrich will be played Bobby Jindal
The part of Ron Paul will be played by Rand Paul
The part of Rick Santorum will be played by Mike Hukabee
The part of Tim Pawlenty will be played by Ben Quayle or Bob McDonnell
The part of Donald Trump will be played by Chris Christe
The part of Mitt Romney will be played by Jeb Bush

The Democratic convention, on the other hand, will rock with optimism and excellent candidates such as Martin O'Malley and Elizabeth Warren. They'll promote actual plans and visions. Absent will be shill barking lectures, attempts to polish turds, and flushed face anger.

I laughed.

"Took a Left-Hand turn at Disruption Junction"


Keep up the good work, MIRT.

"Things That Shouldn't Be Said In Modern Society To Be Said At Least 1,400 Times At RNC"

"TAMPA, FL—According to numerous sociologists and political experts, things that should never under any circumstance be spoken aloud in modern society will be said no fewer than 1,400 times this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

Throughout the three-day event, as the GOP unveils its 2012 platform and formally nominates its presidential ticket, experts predict words and phrases pertaining to science, health, and justice that are entirely unbefitting 21st-century human civilization will, on average, be voiced every 40 seconds from the podium at the Tampa Bay Times Forum."


“It’s almost as if these people are unaware that the Enlightenment, the scientific revolution, various civil rights movements, and the entirety of social progress over the previous several centuries even occurred,” Wright added.


“If this gathering were held in the 1700s or 1800s, a certain fraction of the comments they will make on issues like religion and commerce might be considered somewhat appropriate by people of the time,” anthropologist Gregory Switzer said. “But much of what is said at the RNC about fairness and the treatment of fellow human beings in need, for example, is far more consistent with the very beginnings of rudimentary social empathy in our species dating back to the earliest emergence of human civilization some 10,000 years ago, when our barely developed ancient ancestors would literally smash each other’s skulls in with large rocks without a care or second thought.”

Whole article at

Presidential Campaign Reporting for Dummies

From Brian McFadden's "Big Fat Whale"

Political Conventions

The modern day political convention is just a show. All decisions are made ahead of time and the delegates are only there to rubber stamp whatever the front runner wants.

That said, if Romney moves his nomination to Monday night, doesn't the rest of the convention just become an unwatchable footnote?

Will Romney truly move the nomination or is this just a ploy to get network coverage on a night when they wouldn't pay much attention to republican shenanigans?

Romney's Nomination will come really quick and not at the end of the convention

What scares Romney the most?

Major Bemoaning

Check out this thread.

Highly questionable sources treated as fact by people who want to treat it as fact and use it to whine about America's death.

IMO, Stuff like this is posted here with sole intent to suppress the liberal vote.

wsws.org? Crap like this is an embarrassment to a Democratic website.

Dear Tampa, Doesn't having that many Republicans in your town already count as a disaster?

Just saying.

And Gawd help you.
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