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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 43,421

Journal Archives

Best tweet on Marvel's announcement of a Black Panther movie:

"Think J. Jonah Jameson & The Daily Bugle hates Spider-Man? Wait till Sean Hannity & Fox News gets a load of Black Panther."

- Frank Conniff

Ok, who broke General Discussion?

I refer to the out of whack "response to" organization.

Last day to request an absentee ballot in VA. Know anyone who needs one?


Can any recommend a not too pricey multipage scanner for home use?


Lalo Alcaraz with a RW health alert!

Fox News' Haunted House from Tom Toles

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on Ebola: ‘We can’t live our lives in fear.’

As a Texas nurse infected with Ebola began treatment at the National Institutes of Health clinical center in Bethesda, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) had this message for his state’s residents on Friday morning: Nothing should change in your daily lives.

“We can’t live our lives in fear, and our fear is not going to help us to contain any potential cases that we identify,” O’Malley said during a news conference with health officials in Baltimore. “I don’t find fear to be of any great service.”


“At this point, the Ebola virus is not affecting our daily lives in Maryland,” he said, “and there’s no reason to let it do so.”

Whole article by Jenna Johnson at the Washington Post here:

Good advice, imo.

Good articles on Ebola

Judy Stone (Scientific American) - Ebola in the U.S.—Politics and Public Health Don’t Mix

Atul Gawande – The Ebola Epidemic Is Stoppable

David Dobbs – Our Ebola response shows our true colors. Ain’t pretty.

Eli Perencevich – Ebola and WHO budget cuts

Ian MacKay – What words would you use to separate influenza spread from Ebola virus disease spread?

Laurie Garrett – Obamacare may hold the key to saving the U.S. from Ebola

Tara Smith – No, Ebola in Dallas does not mean you and everyone else in the US is going to get it, too

Peter Piot- ‘In 1976 I discovered Ebola – now I fear an unimaginable tragedy‘

If you are getting your info from CNN, HuffPost, or cable TV, you are probably misinformed.

"annual funding for the CDC’s public health preparedness & response efforts were $1 billion lower

for 2013 fiscal year than for 2002."

This quote is from a Scientific American article by Judy Stone: Ebola in the U.S.—Politics and Public Health Don’t Mix

And we need to take the politics out of funding for public health and research. We need to approve a strong Surgeon General like Dr. Vivek Murthy, and not have appointments like his be derailed by the NRA and their politicians. NIH’s budget was reduced by $446 million from 2010 to 2014, and subjected to inappropriate politically motivated interference in its decision making. The CDC’s discretionary funding was cut by $585 million during this same period. Shockingly, annual funding for the CDC’s public health preparedness and response efforts were $1 billion lower for 2013 fiscal year than for 2002. These funding decreases have resulted in more than 45,700 job losses at state and local health departments since 2008. Again, it is not just the Ebola that is a looming threat. We need to worry about vaccine-preventable but neglected infections like influenza, measles, and whooping cough; the serious emerging viral infections in the US like Enterovirus-D68, chikungunya and dengue, as well as overseas MERS and bird flus, and natural disasters.


Best article on the issues I have come across and flies in the face of the propaganda emanating from the Cato Institute, Huffington Post, and other RW news sources.

Robert McDonnell’s other big scandal

Bob McDonnell will go into history as the first of 72 Virginia governors to be convicted of corruption, but we should remember him as well for a second scandal that cost the taxpayers a ton of money.

McDonnell’s curious, long-standing obsession with building a new highway parallel to U.S. 460 outside Hampton Roads led his administration to spend $300 million (and counting) without first ensuring that the project would receive necessary environmental permits.


As a result, the state can’t recoup the $300 million it has spent. That money is gone, wasted, without a spadeful of dirt being turned for a 55-mile highway so little needed that I previously dubbed it the Road for Nobody.

Whole WaPo article by Robert McCartney here:

Wonder which RW cronies collected that $300 million. Any US attorneys on this case?
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