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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 235,847

Journal Archives

Groper Don the Con says now that the shackles are off he can campaign as he wants to and show

ReTHUGs how to win. Please proceed King Con!!!

Chris Hayes

Trump talks pure nonsense - Bob Garfield is tearing him a new one. He's fucking incoherent. more parentheses than hotels. The parenthesis king - a historic menace OMFG!!! A loathsome piece of shiftlessness!

2,000 people stranded in North Carolina - eight dams broke

27 persons died in the South East so far. Rivers have not crested yet.

I hope Grits gets back power in South Carolina. Hope all DUers are safe.

Gloria strikes


Female students at Coral Springs High School in Florida spot

past student on campus with a gun and call police. Lock down - three arrested.

Names for the two branches of ReTHUGs when the split is complete

I have one
The Banana ReTHUGs

Name the other branch

Breaking - Throw Grandma off a CLiff Ryan says he will not campaign with Don the Con

or defend him. He still endorses him.

What a mealy mouth fugging fool

Morning JoeScum begins with the tape and ReTHUGs calling for Groper Don the Con

to step down.

Oh My!!!

Is this the first time in American history that a Presidential candidate

threatened to put the other party's candidate in jail if he wins? Groper Don the Con is one sick fuck. With that comment, he frightened everyone who took a civics class across the democratic world.

CNN has Hillary slaughtering him and VoteGov has her winning by four points

Fact checkers are calling him on his lies - one more fugging flop!!!
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