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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 233,117

Journal Archives

Dear Paul Ryan

re that elephant in the room - it's the ReTHUG party symbol. Just saying!!!

Now go Cheney yourselves - you still support your groping elephant.

Oops! Kelly-Ann Conway about to quit - from GEM$NBComcast

The promotion of sexual assault via rape culture

is not about being politically incorrect. Persons who promote crimes are accessories to said crimes.

If I were Hillary Clinton tonight all I'd say about the sexual assault/rape culture comments

(and there are many) is how do you plan to keep American women safe if you feel you can violate their bodies - what exactly are you telling young boys and men?


They can't kick him out

What will they do?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McCain withdraws his support for Groper Don the Con

Sexual Assault comments got to him. PHEW!

I will not endorse boasts about sexual assault

Book Title - From Reagan to Trump: Thirty Six Years

of Undiluted Fuckery!!!

So if Groper Don the Con is the national security candidate

are American women and girls not entitled to security - even basic security of their own bodies and who can touch them . Or do men with power have the right to grab our parts at will?

Joy is killing this fool

Facts - bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
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