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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 233,115

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Pssssssssssssssst! Any word from Ted Cruz?????

Where is Taturguy?

I hope you're in one of those tunnels bro

South Carolina is taking a direct hit but you'd never know

from the wall to wall coverage of Groper Don the Con.

Matthew is one deadly hurricane - all over the place with deadly consequences just like Groper Don the Con, a Cat5 'deplorable'.

Bill Maher

Grab them by the pussy - it's what Hillary did to him in the first debate

Per Rachel - Chaos - ReTHUGs meeting to discuss their options

Coming up the reporter from the NYT who broke this - get the popcorn

Paul Ryan - this one's for you Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

What else does family Bush have on

Don the Con! Payback is fun to watch.

Over 800 persons were killed by Matthew in Haiti

Four in Florida

Friday brought very good news and very bad news on Hurricane Matthew. The powerful storm stayed just far enough offshore to spare Florida its worst, but reports from Haiti showed that Matthew was far more of a disaster than initially thought. Now that relief workers and other offiicals have made it to Haiti’s hard-hit southwest corner, they report catastophic conditions and a mounting death toll. More than 800 people have died in Haiti, and that number is expected to grow, perhaps dramatically, as rescue and relief efforts continue.

As of 5 pm EDT Friday, the center of Matthew was located about 40 miles east of Jacksonville Beach, FL, moving north at 12 mph. Matthew’s top sustained winds had dropped to 110 mph, making it a high-end Category 2 storm. According to Phil Klotzbach (Colorado State University) Matthew’s impressive duration of just over seven days as a major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) put it in a tie for the fifth-longest such stretch since satellite observations began in the Atlantic in 1966.

Pics and great info at link

Don the Con

as Pussy Galore

Obama on nw re Matthew n/t

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they are deplorable


They are batshit crazy lunatics
For the record Obama signed a state of emergency for Florida
Obama is a fugging genius
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