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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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The 'deplorables' are getting lots of coverage

M$Greedia loves cheap reality TV -anything for ratings and profit.

There is no difference bwtween the conspiracy theories spewed by Groper Don the Con,

Orly Taitz, Sarah Palin, Limbaugh or the other shit talkers.

The question is why does the media not only allow him to spew his shit on air, they then repeat it over and over. The drug test should be for him.

Art and design Framing King Con: a look at the bizarre art inspired by the Republican candidate

Amber Jamieson
He’s no oil painting but Donald Trump has somehow morphed into the artistic muse of the year.

“Artists tend to be on the left and if there’s a polarizing figure on the right, you’re likely to get more of a reaction,” said the artist Alfred Steiner, curator of the Why I Want to Fuck Donald Trump exhibition, which opened on Thursday at Manhattan’s Joshua Linner Gallery.

“You could say George W Bush was similar, but I still don’t think he got the same … proliferation of artworks,” he said.

Similar to Trump himself, the art has been not only everywhere this election season but it’s often been focused on over-the-top public spectacles, designed to create a social media stir.

Such as the naked Trump statue, with a plaque that says “the emperor has no balls”, that popped up across the US – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and Seattle – in August. In June, during Art Basel in Switzerland, a kneeling Trump sculpture, inspired by Maurizio Cattelan’s 2001 sculpture of a kneeling Hitler, was installed in a hotel.

No one but Groper Don the Con and his goons give a shit

about the emails - they are fugging old news.

Publicly admitting to grabbing female private parts because you have power while posing as the only person who can fix national security is another matter altogether.

Go fuck yourself Groper Don the Con.

What if

we get an Anonymous Groper Don the Con email dump tomorrow or Tuesday?

It's common sense - Women are way more concerned about our personal security

rape culture and sexual assault than anything called ISIS.

Go fuck yourself Groper Don the Con and all the ReTHUG enablers.

There was a good discussion on CNN

If it was true in '65,, it's still true - one of the great songs for the ages

Wake Up World

Time for Peace

Trinity Gay, daughter of Olympian Tyson Gay, dies after shooting at Lexington restaurant


Trinity Gay, 15, a rising star on the track team at Lafayette High School, and the daughter of Lexington native and Olympian Tyson Gay has died after a shooting at a Lexington restaurant.

The Fayette County Coroner says that Trinity Gay died from her injuries just before 5 a.m. Sunday.

Lexington police say they responded to a call of shots fired at the Cook Out restaurant on South Broadway just before 4 a.m.

Police say people in two cars exchanged gunfire, then drove away.

Officials say Gay was taken to UK Hospital with a gunshot wound to her neck. Police say she was not in either car.

Officers say they have a description of the vehicles involved as a dark colored sports car and a gray Dodge Charger.

Police do have two people as persons of interest in the case they are questioning because their car matched the description of the Charger.

They are still looking for the other vehicle that was involved.

Has anyone seen Chris Christie?


It's over - Groper Don the Con's campaign is no longer going after

undecided voters - he's trying to depress Dem voters.
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