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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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So Dylan Roof will be allowed to represent himself

Whatever - throw away the fucking keys - hope it ends like Charles Manson - life without parole

Class is class - Jimmy Carter remembers Fidel Castro fondly

Former President Jimmy Carter had kind words for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who died Friday, saying in a statement he and his wife “remember fondly our visits with him in Cuba and his love of his country.”

Castro, who was 90, was long a scourge of the U.S. who brought the Cold War to America’s doorstep. But he and Carter, a Georgia native, had warmer relations.

Carter took a step to normalize relations between the two nations during his presidency, and the two shared several visits, including a 2011 journey where Castro called Carter a “friend.”

I loved Fidel and love Jimmy Carter

"...in 2000, Giuliani branded him a murderer but Clinton spoke with him and shook his hand.


He might have been an enemy of the state, but from a lengthy honeymoon to a midnight meeting with Malcolm X to the adulation of cheering crowds, Fidel Castro found plenty to savour on American soil.

The Cuban communist – who was repeatedly targeted for assassination by the CIA – visited New York five times during his five decades in power. As the city’s Daily News put it on Saturday, he had a “love-hate relationship” with the centre of global capitalism.

Legend has it that Castro nearly moved to the US as a baseball player after attracting the interest of major league scouts, though there is little hard evidence for this. Instead, in 1948, having married a fellow student, Mirta Díaz-Balart, he arrived for a three-month honeymoon.

The newlyweds spent 10 days in Miami but most of their time in New York, where Castro bought a Lincoln Continental car with electric windows. They eventually went back to Florida and returned to Cuba by boat.

Castro defied 10 US administrations. On his final visit to the country in 2000, Giuliani branded him a “murderer” but Clinton spoke with him and shook his hand. The Cuban president gave a three-and-a-half hour speech at Riverside church, telling the 3,000-strong audience that he loved the “real people” of New York.

Well done Huffpo - Why Nelson Mandela Loved Fidel Castro

Americans generally view Nelson Mandela as a hero and Fidel Castro as a villain. Mandela saw things differently.

The South African leader’s nationalist and anti-imperialist stances collided head on with the world’s superpower and gave him a lot in common with its Cuban archenemy. Mandela embraced the former Cuban dictator because he opposed apartheid and represented the aspirations of Third World nationalists that the United States undermined across the globe during the Cold War.

Mandela’s admiration for the Cuban Revolution only grew with time. Cuba under Castro opposed apartheid and supported the African National Congress — Mandela’s political organization and the current ruling party. Mandela credited Cuba’s military support to Angola in the 1970s and 1980s with helping to debilitate South Africa’s government enough to result in the legalization of the ANC in 1990.

The U.S. government, on the other hand, reportedly played a role in Mandela’s 1962 arrest and subsequently branded him a terrorist — a designation they only rescinded in 2008. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Act.

Given this history, it shouldn’t be surprising that Mandela remained sharply critical of the United States into his later life. When the George W. Bush administration announced plans to invade Iraq in 2003, Mandela said: “If there’s a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care.”

Irie FM is rocking this morning with the JA-Cuba- Africa connections

Celebrating the birthdate of the great Jimi Hendrix

Was there a greater guitar player ever?

Truth will Out - Sue those women Groper Don the Con

On the Mediterranean beaches of Cap d’Agde, British photographer David Hamilton was a familiar figure in the 1980s looking for young girls to model for his pictures.

“Shopping” was the word he used and he knew what he was seeking: young, early teens, preferably blonde, blue-eyed and with pale, almost translucent skin; the epitome of the “age of innocence”, the title of one of his best-selling books.

Parents rarely refused when he asked if the youngsters could come to his studio to pose, honoured that their child had been spotted by a world-famous artist. But Hamilton’s motives, it has been claimed, were far from innocent.

On Friday evening, days after allegations resurfaced that he had raped and sexually abused a number of his young models, the London-born photographer, who had repeatedly denied the accusations, was found dead in his Paris home. Police reported that a bottle of medication was found nearby, and declared that Hamilton, 83, had taken his own life.



Why are people complaining about Russian interference in US elections

when US governments tried to kill Fidel several times. Interference is interference

I loved Fidel

He was a great neighbor and he stood up to the global bully
Rest my brother - we'll judge the education level, the healthcare achievements and your role in destroying apartheid in Africa. Thanks for the doctors, nurses, scholarships and your genuine desire for hemispheric independence. You were loved.

I am watching BBC and local TV for objective coverage.

Groper Don the Con the king of poop


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