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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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Howdy-Gowdy!!!! House Democrats release their own Benghazi report

The Democrats, like previous congressional investigations, fault weak security at the U.S. facility in Benghazi, and military resources that were not in a position to respond quickly enough to save lives.

Clinton, they concluded, did not personally deny requests for increased security at the vulnerable compound and claims of an order that the military "stand down" in its rescue attempts are unsubstantiated, the Democrats said.

A large part of the report attacks the Republicans for using the investigation as a political attack on Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. Gowdy and the GOP have denied it was politically motivated, and instead is meant to be the final fact-based account of the circumstances before, during and after the attacks.

The Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks in Benghazi killed four Americans. Unsatisfied with previous congressional investigations, the House created a special investigative committee in May 2014. Despite a cordial beginning, the investigation became starkly partisan.

Democrats make several recommendations, including that the State Department coordinate with the Defense Department and intelligence agencies to "assess the willingness and capacity of host governments to defend U.S. diplomatic facilities within their borders" and if the host government is unwilling, the "sufficient diplomatic security or military forces must be available to defend or evacuate the facility," the report states.

Sterling down 10%

temporary suspension of some trades.

They should treat guns like printers

Printers cheap - ammo frightfully expensive

You've got to see this -Judy Garland’s Daughter Honors Orlando With ‘Over The Rainbow’

Lorna Luft surprised fans at a Wednesday concert in New York with her first-ever live performance of “Over the Rainbow,” a song made famous by her mother, Judy Garland.

The singer-actress, 63, told the crowd at Feinstein’s/54 Below that she’d never performed the song “not because it was too hard for me emotionally, but because I always felt you can’t improve on perfection.”

Pointing to the June 12 mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Luft added, “I thought to myself, if I’m ever going to sing this, now is the time.” (Don’t miss the incredible performance in the video above)

Luft’s decision to introduce the “Wizard of Oz” classic into her concert repertoire had personal significance, too, as June 22 marked the 47th anniversary of Garland’s death at the age of 47.

I'm waiting to hear how many of my colleagues pension portfolios

crashed and burned with Brexit.

We made a really good decision last year when I decided to retire.

EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible

President Martin Schulz says speeding up of UK exit being considered after ‘continent taken hostage because of Tory party fight’

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, told the Guardian that EU lawyers were studying whether it was possible to speed up the triggering of article 50 of the Lisbon treaty – the untested procedure for leaving the union.

As the EU’s institutions scrambled to respond to the bodyblow of Britain’s exit, Schulz said uncertainty was “the opposite of what we need”, adding that it was difficult to accept that “a whole continent is taken hostage because of an internal fight in the Tory party”.

“I doubt it is only in the hands of the government of the United Kingdom,” he said. “We have to take note of this unilateral declaration that they want to wait until October, but that must not be the last word.”

Schulz’s comments were partially echoed by the president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, who said he there was no reason to wait until October to begin negotiating Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The real truth is that people across the planet are fed up of

fugging neo-liberalism - fed up of being used by politicians on behalf of the 1%.
Most don't understand that it is fascism most foul.

Those who control the corporate media and their hacks blame others for the mess and promote a variety of divide and rule tactics to prop up a virtually dead economic model.

I sense some serious ugliness ahead before the 1% and their tools run to the hills to hide.

How are DUers in West Virginia doing - what a disaster

Heard on local news that 300 persons are trapped in a flooded Mall

15 people are dead after flooding in West Virginia, according to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

"Unfortunately, we've dealt with weather emergencies all too often the past several years, so we were prepared to act quickly," Gov. Tomblin said in a press conference Friday.

After issuing a State of Emergency on Thursday for 44 of the state's 55 counties, 200 National Guard members started assisting in search and rescue efforts in eight counties. An extra 500 National Guard members are on standby to assist in the search and cleanup efforts.

Tomblin says he planned to fly around to the areas impacted today, but all state aircrafts are being used to assist in the rescue efforts. However, Tomblin says the weather is hindering the aviation efforts.

"Our biggest challenge continues to be high water," Tomblin says.

At least six counties have received severe flooding, leading to structural damage. He says at least 100 homes have severe damage or have been destroyed.

Stay safe DUers

Chris Christie’s Education Plan Is Shocking - He wants to give to the rich and take from


On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a speech that sounded commonsensical. “No child in this state is worth more state aid than another,” he said. He suggested equalizing per-student education funding across New Jersey so every public school, whether in a suburb or city, receives $6,599 in state aid per child. “Every child has potential. Every child has goals. Every child has dreams. No child’s dreams are less worthy than any others,” Christie said.

This might sound like a civil rights speech—a plea to provide more opportunities to the neediest kids. In fact, if enacted, Christie’s proposal would amount to a huge giveaway to the children and families who are already thriving in New Jersey while hurting the kids who most need a leg up. With this plan, the governor hopes to lower taxes and end a state program that sends extra money to schools that educate at-risk children. Lest you have any doubt about whom Christie is trying to protect with his “equalization” plan, consider the fact that although his proposal would cut supplemental funding for poor children and English language learners, it would continue to send extra money to children with learning disabilities—a group, unlike the other two, that is majority white.

Here’s how Christie’s proposal would work in practice: Hillsborough Township, the leafy suburb where he delivered his speech, is 78 percent white, 8 percent Latino, and 5 percent black. Its education funding would increase by 86 percent under Christie’s plan. In high-poverty Newark, which is 84 percent black and Latino, funding would decrease by a devastating 69 percent.

That a member of the Republican presidential nominee’s inner circle has made such a proposal is frankly terrifying. Christie’s plan is a deeply regressive one that would overturn a half-century of bipartisan consensus that poor children need extra educational resources.

Don the Con just blamed President Obama for the Brexit result

he said if Obama had said leave, they would have voted to stay.
Thus fucker is sick
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