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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 217,954

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In 3...2...1 Don the Con will blame Obama

for the Chinese men winning gold in synchronized diving

The emails are history

Get the fuck over them M$Greedia

So JebusEnoughfuggingBush's son is urging ReTHUGs to

support Don the Con

A blind eye to sex abuse: How USA Gymnastics failed to report cases

Top executives at one of America’s most prominent Olympic organizations failed to alert authorities to many allegations of sexual abuse by coaches — relying on a policy that enabled predators to abuse gymnasts long after USA Gymnastics had received warnings.

An IndyStar investigation uncovered multiple examples of children suffering the consequences, including a Georgia case in which a coach preyed on young female athletes for seven years after USA Gymnastics dismissed the first of four warnings about him.

In a 2013 lawsuit filed by one of that coach’s victims, two former USA Gymnastics officials admitted under oath that the organization routinely dismissed sexual abuse allegations as hearsay unless they came directly from a victim or victim’s parent.

Legal experts and child advocates expressed alarm about that approach, saying the best practice is to report every allegation to authorities. Laws in every state require people to report suspected child abuse.

“USAG failed at this,” said Lisa Ganser, whose daughter filed the Georgia lawsuit, which is still being argued. “USA Gymnastics had enough information, I think, to have done something about this. It didn't have to happen to my daughter, and it didn't have to happen to other little girls.”

Rev Al has a section coming up on voting rights laws and rrigged elections debunked

after the break on GEM$NBComcast

Katrina Pierson is an idiot


Rio’s stench is not rare – the Olympic call to ordure is a familiar ritual

There is an argument that the one still-ignored basic human movement already has its place at the Olympics, albeit only unofficially. Over the past few weeks it has seemed that the focus of attention as the world’s press gathered in Rio was less on the sport than the sewage, a great deal of which is bobbing grimly around Guanabara Bay. “A giant pipe churns human waste into the marina,” reported USA Today on a visit to the sailing venue. “The stench makes uninitiated visitors feel like vomiting or fainting.” These days, Olympic glory can transform an athlete’s life, opening doors and boosting bank accounts. In Rio the sailors will have to cross streams of effluence to sustain their dreams of affluence.
Bullet, blast and queues cast shadow over first day of Rio Olympics
Read more

But there is nothing new here: every four years we get our knickers in a twist about the same subject. The Olympics has become sport’s quadrennial call to ordure, and few modern Games have passed without at least flirting with filth.

In the run-up to 2012 the Times reported that waterways around London’s Stratford site (the Olympic stadium stands less than a mile from the Abbey Mills Pumping Station, the celebrated “Cathedral of Sewage” designed by Joseph Bazalgette) “look and smell more like a shanty town’s open sewer than the promised 21st-century eco-park”. Organisers proposed a lengthy tunnel to take foul fluids elsewhere, the only problem with that solution being that it would have taken £2bn and 15 years to construct. Instead a new pumping station was built, and rapidly recycled refuse was repurposed to flush the park’s toilets and water its gardens.

Four years earlier Beijing had renovated nearly 400 miles of sewage pipes to avoid embarrassment. In 2000 a 20km tunnel was built to carry overflows away from the hitherto filthsome Sydney Harbour, and organisers also had to battle a “sewage-like” whiff that drifted over the main stadium during a test event, eventually traced to a nearby mangrove swamp that emitted a “naturally occurring odour” of nauseating intensity.

In Atlanta 20 years ago the local government issued bonds to finance the repair of a creaking, antiquated sewage system and still didn’t do it on time, leading to scare stories about infected tap water. Four years earlier Barcelona built a new sewage plant just in time to clean up its beach, scientists the previous year having found “large amounts of flotsam, including condoms” and “solid faecal matter” in the area to be used for the Olympic sailing.

Scientists warn world will miss key climate target

Leading climate scientists have warned that the Earth is perilously close to breaking through a 1.5C upper limit for global warming, only eight months after the target was set.

The decision to try to limit warming to 1.5C, measured in relation to pre-industrial temperatures, was the headline outcome of the Paris climate negotiations last December. The talks were hailed as a major success by scientists and campaigners, who claimed that, by setting the target, desertification, heatwaves, widespread flooding and other global warming impacts could be avoided.

However, figures – based on Met Office data – prepared by meteorologist Ed Hawkins of Reading University show that average global temperatures were already more than 1C above pre-industrial levels for every month except one over the past year and peaked at +1.38C in February and March. Keeping within the 1.5C limit will be extremely difficult, say scientists, given these rises.

These alarming figures will form the backdrop to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change talks in Geneva this month, when scientists will start to outline ways to implement the climate goals set in Paris. Dates for abandoning all coal-burning power stations and halting the use of combustion engines across the globe – possibly within 15 years – are likely to be set.

Hillary's email to Don the Con

Hillary decided to send Trump an email to let him know how she really felt about him.

Trump printed it and was surprised it contained only one coded line.

370HSSV 0773H

Was this from the daily Presidential Security Briefing he wondered. Completely baffled he sent it to Melania and all the other Trump wives and the kids. They had no clue so he sent it to the FBI.

The FBI had no clue so they enlisted the help of the CIA and NASA. With no positive result they decided to try MI6.

Within minutes MI6 replied, "Tell Mr. Trump he is holding the message upside down".

Folks in the Northeastern GOM

some serious water is heading your way-pay attention


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