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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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The GHW Bush Foundation did not go out of business

I cannot watch this bullshit anymore - it is all made up shit.

Huge privatized pension demonstrations continue in Chile - more proof neo-liberalism is bullshit

Thousands protest in Chile against state pension provisions
Hundreds of thousands of Chileans took to the streets throughout the country on Sunday, seeking to increase pressure on the government to throw out Chile’s private pension system in favour of one that would provide better benefits.

Under the current system, which was started in the 1980s during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, six private pension funds, known as AFPs, manage $160bn (£122bn) in assets.

Opponents of Chile’s private pension system say it forces workers to give their earnings to for-profit funds that do not ensure a dignified old age for all Chileans.

“We expect the president and her government to open a dialogue and listen to the citizens of the country, and not just the owners of the AFPs,” said Luis Mesina, a spokesman for a group called No More AFPs, which organised the march.

The organisers said 350,000 marchers took part in the protest in the capital, Santiago. Local police put the number at 80,000.

But the protesters said they wanted the current system dismantled. Any reforms must be passed by congress, where there is broad support for boosting pensions.

If I were in Florida, GOM or the Carolinas, I'd be paying attention to 99L

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:
1. A tropical wave located about 400 miles east-southeast of the
Leeward Islands is producing widespread cloudiness and
thunderstorms. Conditions are marginally conducive for gradual
development while the disturbance moves west-northwestward to
westward at 15 to 20 mph. Environmental conditions are expected to
become more conducive for a tropical depression to form by late this
week when the system is forecast to move near Hispaniola and Puerto
Rico, and the southeastern and central Bahamas. An Air Force Reserve
Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate this system
later this morning. Interests in the central and northern Lesser
Antilles, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico should monitor the
progress of this system.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...60 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days...medium...60 percent

Gaston will be a fish hurricane - watch this one

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahhahaha - That guy who makes that list of conservative idiots

is the greatest guy ever. I agree


Don the greatest Con claims his golf courses are worth tens of millions. Until the tax bill arrives.

When Donald Trump submitted financial disclosure forms to election regulators, he bragged that his portfolio included some of the “finest and most iconic properties in the world.” Among them was Trump National Golf Club Jupiter in Jupiter, Fla., which Trump valued at more than $50 million.

That came as a surprise to officials in Palm Beach County, where the golf course is located. A few months earlier, for the third straight year, Trump’s attorney had gone to court to argue that, for the sake of calculating his tax bill, the property was worth “no more than $5 million.”

It is not unusual for corporations and other property owners to aggressively petition for lower taxes, and differences between the market value of a business and the assessed taxable value of its real estate are commonplace. Nor is there a legal issue for Trump in the gaps between his federal disclosures and local filings, according to ethics experts, because the disclosure forms are designed to show potential conflicts of interest — not to provide precise estimates of asset values.

But tax analysts say it’s rare for values to shift as much as those of Trump’s clubs. It’s also unusual that a business owner would provide potentially contradictory information in a different forum, as Trump has done with his financial disclosure.

Not black culture English lady

African culture's contribution to Brazil (watching the closing ceremony). You folks just started. We're been viewing for an hour.

Happy 30th Birthday Usain St. Leo Bolt

You achieved your dream

Farewell then Usain St Leo Bolt, also known as Lightning, also known (but only to his mum) as “VJ” and now also known for as long as anyone cares to keep measuring these things as the greatest track and field athlete ever. Eight years on from that introductory Beijing Olympics, the most compelling figure of the modern Games capped another frictionless display of human ultimacy in Rio by leading Jamaica home in the 4x100 metres relay and earning not just another gold medal but a lovely collegiate moment of farewell.

Bolt ran the final leg in Rio, taking the baton level with Japan’s Aska Cambridge. From there it was just a case of rolling himself upright and oozing into that thrillingly powerful stride to take it by a suitable measure of fresh air. Watching him giggle and pose and goof about with Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Nickel Ashmeade at the end it seemed absurd anybody could have doubted the dreadfully monikered “ThreePeat”, aka the Triple Treble, would come to pass. Bolt will now retire from Olympic competition with an astonishing full house of nine successive gold sprint medals.

The 100m in particular has tended to eat its young. It belongs now to this departing Olympic colossus.

It makes sense in most sports to reject the title “greatest of all time”. Time has not yet run out. The boundaries are always being pushed back, new peaks crested. With Bolt the notion of full-blown GOAT-ism seems less of a stretch. This isn’t just a Threepeat, it’s an unThreepeatable Threepeat. For a man whose life is measured out in fractions of a second his longevity is equally astonishing. Carl Lewis is the only previous man to have won two Olympic 100m sprint gold medals. Nobody had ever done it in the 200m. For Bolt to win both three times in a row, to do so while smiling and clowning and running a race apart, is something beyond, barely species‑parity.


OMFG Spoiler

US wins 1500m for the first time ever
Bravo Matthew Centrowitz Jr. - that's a huge upset

The weather experts say Gaston, Hermine, Ian and Julia

will be around at least one of the Atlantic, Caribbean or GOM starting next week.
Which will be the big one and where will she or he damage. The active season is on the way.

Check out the comments at the end of Masters


Brazil v Germany for the Olympic Football Gold Medal

Pleas please please Brazil - get some World Cup revenge - you need this medal.
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