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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 217,954

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I heard Blitzer actually say that it was Bush who decided when the US

was to leave Iraq?


Bolt will win the 200 but not the hundred.

My Global Athlete for 2016 - Thank you Howie - respect due


The first black footballer to play for Liverpool has turned down an MBE nomination, saying it would be "a betrayal" to Africans who suffered at the hands of the British Empire.

Howard Gayle, 58, was born in Toxteth and made his Reds debut in 1977.

He said he had to decline the nomination, for his Show Racism the Red Card campaign work, as his ancestors would be "turning in their graves".


Christie flat out lied - so says the text

Let's go Bridgegate Posse


That Report from Baltimore should be the number one story in America

it is institutional racism and racial hatred on steroids inside their police department.
There should be national outrage over that report. It should be mentioned at the rallies

I love my people - that's how you treat Mr. 2%

Don the Con comes in among African-Americans in an average of four polls (538). He gets 2% support.
That birther shit has consequences. Fuck you Chump.

ESPNs John Saunders is dead at 61

Saunders hosted studio and play-by-play programming. He covered college football, basketball and the NHL for the network, in addition to anchoring SportsCenter. He was also host of The Sports Reporters.

Editor's Picks

Saunders made it look easy, as broadcaster and friend

It should've been a hard thing for John Saunders to follow Dick Schaap as host of The Sports Reporters. It became one more thing that Saunders made look extraordinarily easy, Mike Lupica writes.

The death of ESPN broadcaster John Saunders, announced Wednesday, prompted an outpouring of grief on Twitter.

"This tragic news brings us unspeakable sorrow," Saunders' family said in a statement. "John was the patriarch of our family, and we can't believe he is gone. We are sincerely touched by the outpouring of support and sadness, which is a reflection of the character and integrity that defined him.

"While we don't yet have all the specifics, John wasn't feeling well physically in recent days and sadly, he was unresponsive earlier this morning. We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers for our cherished father, husband, brother and uncle."

So this ReTHUG guest on Tweety attacked HRC for the Orlando killer's father being at one of her

rallies - he went on to say that she welcomed terrorists - Tweety called him on it, but not before Ron Reagan reminded him that Don the Con had been endorsed by the KKK. Ron had that wicked smile on his face when he said it - was a thing of beauty. It was an 'are you fucking kidding me idiot' look.

Glad to see Ron Reagan back on TV. He also spoke about the failed assassination attempt on his father's life.

What do you think Don the Con's user name was/is

on RW and CT websites?

I am convinced that most of his information comes from them - even the semi-literate language style

Ryan's speech last night was très confusing

What status quo could he remove when his party already controls the House?

To be kind it was wishy washy bullshit.
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