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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 232,786

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US Open fans

Another great match! PHEW!

Is there a way back?

Trump and Bondi - Down memory lane with our own L. Coyote


The Pam Bondi story has legs

as we said a while back.

This was a bribe.

This is so sad:Woman who received the world's first partial face transplant dies

A French woman who underwent the world’s first partial face transplant has died in hospital aged 49 after a long illness.

Isabelle Dinoire, who lost her mouth and nose after a dog bite, made medical history in 2005 when she was given a partial face transplant using tissue from a brain-dead woman in a 15-hour operation at Amiens Picardie hospital.

Dinoire died in April, Le Figaro revealed, which was confirmed by doctors in Amiens who said they had not previously announced her death to protect her family’s privacy.

Doctors did not reveal the exact cause of death. Le Figaro reported that Dinoire’s body had rejected the transplant last year “and she had lost part of the use of her lips”.

The drugs that she had to take to prevent her body from rejecting the transplant left her vulnerable to cancer and two cancers had developed, the paper said.
I have never given thought to the possibility of losing the use of my lips. She must have been in agony.

The polls are not tied

That's made up shit

Joy Reid is covering the attack on the Dakota tribes

Amy Goodman is on with her

An elk walks into a veterinarian's backyard - too good :-)

An elk in distress knew right where to go to for help. It wandered into the yard of an Arizona veterinarian.

Debera Butler, DVM, visiting her place in the high country, wasn’t expecting a house call.

But that’s what happened at her home in Pine Saturday morning.

“It started before 8 a.m.,” Butler said in a phone interview Sunday morning. Butler is a small animal doctor not used to working on big game.

“I was on my back patio and I took a double take,” she said. “I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.”

The elk that suddenly appeared at her home had its antlers entangled in rope and a tire from a swing.

But that's not all. There was also part of a tree limb the swing was attached to. It was hanging off the rope and every time the animal moved, the wood smacked him in the face.

“It was breaking my heart. The tire was on one side and this huge log was on the other side and this log was going back and forth smacking him in the face,” Butler said.

Butler’s instincts kicked in. She knew she had to do something to help out.

So began a 12-hour ordeal.

Standing Ovation for Venus - she breaks back SPOILER

into the final set tiebreak

WTF???? Is TS Newtonheading for Arizona


Tennis fans - US Open

That Rafa Nadal v Pouille match was the best match to date. Wanted a different result but that's life.
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