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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 237,155

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Serious question

Are cholera cemetery's off limits for ever or is it safe to dig one up for some fugging commercial building after 180 years?

Dylan Roof said that he's not a skin head or a member of the KKK

He's a nationalist - a white supremacist - yes he said that. Watch them cheer him on.

Someone should ask Groper Don the Con for a comment

Can any DUers point me to video or print of M$Greedia gushing over the

amazing rise in the stock market during the Obama administration.
If you own stocks, you need to thank President Obama
This is from earlier this year

If you're an investor, there are a lot of people to thank for the second-longest bull market run in history. Perhaps after mentioning people like Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and S&P 500 CEOs for the support, it would be wise to bring up someone a little more unexpected: President Obama.

In fact, as far as presidents go, he's been one of the most successful in modern history in supporting the growth of the market according to Bespoke Investment Group.

"The reality, though, is that the stock market has done exceptionally well under President Obama," wrote Bespoke in a note out Thursday.

"The Dow Jones Industrial Average's performance [under Obama] of 120.6% ranks as the sixth best of any US President since 1900, just behind Reagan and comfortably ahead of Truman, who at 74.4% is far behind."

They're sure gushing over Groper Don the Con's rise

They ignored Obama's financial success deliberately - for eight years.

Groper Don the Con wants the wedding but

not the marriage - that was brilliantly put

Bernie on Chris Hayes right now n/t

Ha - Jeopardy Fans - Spoiler

I got final Jeopardy right and they all got it wrong - a rare event but I'm happy

And we have another five day winner

That Apprentice announcement isbare BS

Diversion for what DUers????

There is no excuse for cops shooting a fourteen year old with a knife in school

This is fugging madness - armed cops in schools was always going to be a disaster.

He did not die

John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin

Both are in hospital but did you ever imagine this

Buzz Aldrin, the famed former NASA astronaut who was the second man to walk on the moon, had to be evacuated Thursday from a personal expedition to the South Pole after exhibiting signs of altitude sickness.

But in a twist that, well, blows our minds, Aldrin landed at a hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he was treated by none other than . . . a David Bowie.


Yes the doctor's name is David Bowie

There is only one reason why corporations have moved overseas

The greedy owners and shareholders want more profits at the expense of their workers - they do not want to provide health care, insurance or vacation. They want to pay less and less so they can grab more and more. They do not believe they should pay taxes anywhere. Groper Don the Con has practiced this for decades.

Fuck them all.
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