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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 217,738

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Super Typhoon Nepartak takes aim at Taiwan

Residents of Taiwan are turning worried eyes eastwards, where Super Typhoon Nepartak is steaming towards them after putting on a phenomenal display of rapid intensification. Nepartak went from a tropical storm with 70 mph winds on Monday afternoon to a Category 4 super typhoon with 150 mph winds in just 24 hours, as estimated by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). The typhoon took advantage of light wind shear of 5 - 10 knots and extremely warm ocean waters of 31C (88F) to fuel its rapid intensification. Unusually warm waters extended to great depth below the storm, creating some of the highest oceanic heat content readings we see for a tropical cyclone--near 150 kJ/cm**2 (Figure 2). Satellite loops from NOAA/SSED and NOAA/RAMMB show a mighty storm with a large area of heavy thunderstorms with cold cloud tops reaching high into the atmosphere, surrounding a 15-mile diameter eye. The storm has taken on an annular appearance, with very little in the way of spiral banding. These type of storms are more resistant to weakening than typical tropical cyclones. The Japanese Meteorological Agency estimated that Nepartak had a central pressure of 925 mb at 2:45 pm EDT Tuesday.

Were I running the election campaign in Florida, the theme woud be simple

Video of the algae bloom with people covering their noses, others canceling trips and a simple statement 'Vote out those stinking ReTHUGs'!

Obama is tearing Trump a new one

This is hilarious -damn I'm going to miss him

What if Bernie endorses Hillary


Bush and his cronies iied America into the biggest foreign policy disaster

in history and I'm hearing about ' extremely careless' with regard to emails

Fuck that shit.

So there's no fugging there there

The Bushie Comey said so. Fuck you ReTHUGss!

Wimbledon - Venus into the semi-finals of a slam for the first time since 2010

Look at that lovely smile - she can't quite believe it.

I finally found a picture of Denny Hastert (ReTHUGs longest serving Speaker of the House)

being wheeled into prison - good read as well
I hope Dems have ads in November with Denny Hastert

The multibuilding Rochester facility sits on a sprawling campus and was once home to former U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, television evangelist Jim Bakker and Bob Probert, the former Chicago Blackhawks enforcer

It is one of only five such prison hospitals that serve male inmates at all security levels. Besides Hastert, the most recognizable inmate currently housed there is Jared Loughner, the perpetrator of the 2011 Tucson, Ariz., shooting that killed six people and injured then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Although it is a federal prison, the tranquil location has more of a hospital-like setting. Security is focused around the perimeter and inmates may move around outside of designated count times with relative freedom. Staff is not armed within the buildings.

There are two American women and one American man in the Wimbledon quarters


The Williams sisters - remember when they laughed at them and their father.

Happy Fourth DUers - go Venus and Serena!!

Oh and by the way Sam Querrey (who beat Djokovic) is also in the quarters - he will play the Canadian Raonic


Thanks W, Cheney et al
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