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Kip Humphrey

Profile Information

Name: Kip Humphrey
Gender: Male
Hometown: La Pointe, Madeline Island, Lake Superior,Wisconsin
Home country: US
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,753

Journal Archives

My DREAM Election System

A. Hand Counted Paper Ballots (HCPBs) supervised by citizen volunteers representing each candidate
B. Open, proportional primaries held on Saturdays and grouped in adjoining 5-state regions to facilitate campaigning
C. Party inclusive primaries whereby everyone in the state gets the same ballot and votes for 1 person per office
D. Regional debates timed to regional primary dates moderated by the League of Women Voters with mandatory debate broadcasts on all over-the-air media within the 5-state region
E. Proportional representation of votes to delegates and votes to electoral college (I prefer to eliminate the electoral college system but that requires a constitutional amendment)
F. Standard, easy ballot access for every candidate (e.g, $500 filing fee + 1,000 qualified voter signatures)
G. Automatic registration on every citizen's 18th birthday
H. A National Election Day employer-paid holiday
I. Mandatory standardized exit polling with automatic recounts when outcomes exceed the MOE for all elections. Exit polls and recounts would be federally funded by way of a federal tax tick box selection similar to the federal election funding tick box currently in use
J. Political contributions are permitted only from human citizens; for each election, every citizen may contribute a maximum of $5,000 to any candidate campaign for which that citizen is entitled to vote (I prefer federally funded elections but find the above a suitable alternative)
K. Political parties shall support their slate of candidates equally and proportionally by office, and may provide training, campaign tools, party voter registries, and party campaign consultants provided those services are offered equally to each party-affiliated candidate. Parties are disallowed from providing candidate funds or candidate-specific advertising.

Why I support Bernie Sanders...

When Bernie first announced that he was thinking of running, I began to support him. The reasons are many, some might say they are YUUUUGE. Anyway, in no particular order, here are the things that Bernie Sanders will fight for that I want too:

Set as US's top priority to address climate change and work with countries of the world to stop the man-made global warming before it's too late

No TPP/TPIP/TISA and reverse NAFTA & CAFTA, replacing all with fair trade, fair to American workers

Cardcheck and make it easier for workers to form unions, and promote worker-owned enterprises

Throw out the machines (except for disabled access) and institute hand counted paper ballot voting thereby eliminating unverifiable, proprietary trade secret, electronic voting systems

Expand free public education to include free public college and university tuition, increase Pell grants for assistance covering books, room and board, and provide college loan relief to those saddled with school debt

Universal healthcare without co-pays, deductibles, or partial coverage while covering full medical, mental, dental, eye care, the whole you.

Reduce the corruption in our political system by reversing Citizens United, moving to publicly funded elections, and passing a Voter's Bill of Rights.

End the current wars, have as policy that war is a last resort and will never be preemptive, and end US hegemony around the world by closing most of the 1,000+ US military installations currently operating in other countries

Ban fracking and move away from fossil fuel dependency

Eliminate the private, for-profit prison industrial complex, demilitarize local police, require DOJ investigations of all police shootings, and set standards and tie funding to community policing, police diversity to reflect the community they serve, and better police training.

Break up the too-big-to-fail banks, restore Glass-Stegal, provide basic community banking services through USPS branches.

Invest $1 trillion to repair and improve our infrastructure, creating millions of new jobs in the process

Increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and tie it to the federal COLA

Expand Social Security benefits so seniors can live out their lives in health, with dignity, and without poverty and personal catfood consumption

Require employers to provide 3 months of paid family leave due to childbirth or family injury or illness

Remove marijuana from the federal list of class 1 drugs, end the War on Drugs, and begin treating drug addiction as a health concern

Start and lead a peaceful, "We The People" revolution and call on those citizens to demand the above changes of their elected officials, and in the process, build a informed citizenry of active participants in our democracy[edited]

Final Thoughts
Bernie Sanders has been thinking about and discussing the message he delivers today for 40 years. He is consistent, authentic, and a man of great integrity. I have waited my entire life (well, since RFK was killed anyway) for a presidential candidate like Bernie Sanders.

So, vote for Bernie Sanders like the lives of your grandchildren depended on it. Because they most surely do.

Not sure you are aware of this...

Hillary operatives have infiltrated Bernie's campaign staff and continue to sabotage the campaign's ground game. One of the Sanders campaign staffers currently being paid by the Clinton Foundation is Campaign Director of the Sanders campaign in Pennsylvania! (per Niko House's revelations starting in North Carolina).








We are about to witness the largest disenfranchisement of registered voters in any state primary


There will be record numbers of voters claiming to be registered Democrats who are listed as 'Independent' or 'Inactive' for their party affiliation in the new integrated centralized electronic voter registration system, integrated into the state vote tabulation software.

A little heeded rules change by the New York Democratic Party has paved the way for the pending debacle. In it, the party revised the rule for terminating party membership due to inactivity - a membership audit rule intended to help keep the voter rolls clean and up-to-date. The rule was revised such that party membership would lapse (and party affiliation changed to, you guessed it, 'Independent' or 'Inactive') if a member did not participate in any two consecutive election cycles, including non-federal, non-state election cycles.

There was little publicity surrounding this rule change. Consequently, millions of Democratic voters who voted last in 2012 (like, say Millennials voting for Obama) had their party affiliations switched without notification. Without notification that is unless you had donated to the Hillary campaign or one of her supporting superPACs in which case you received a kindly email or letter from a Hillary PAC notifying you to reset your party affiliation before the October deadline.


This day will be interesting.

The most likely enabler of Voter-Affiliation-Switching is the integration of new electronic voter

registration software with GEM$ vote software, plus a Microsoft app, made specifically for Hillary for 2016, that interfaces with the voter registration software. I believe this app is currently licensed with the DNC and it has been shared with the Sanders campaign.

The Microsoft proprietary mobile app both tracks the vote count and allows voter registration field input of new registrations. This app was originally ordered by the Hillary campaign and shared with the other Democratic presidential campaigns through distribution by the DNC. However, the software remains proprietary which proved off-putting to the Sanders campaign such that they refused to rely on the app for purposes of tracking the vote. This trade secret, custom, mobile app has the capability to query and to enter data into the electronic voter registration database that is integrated into the GEM$ vote compilation software. The app may also have the functionality to accept campaign name lists to bulk verify registration "status" - status details currently not known.

ES&S PowerProfileŽ is a voter registration and election management application that enables election officials to register voters and conduct elections from a central data store. This system allows for both single jurisdictions and states to manage elections from the same interface. Election officials are able to register voters, check eligibility, conduct election activities such as prepare absentee and early voting, recruit election workers, create poll books and rosters, verify petitions, and maintain voter records using a single software solution.

So, I wish folks would stop wondering WTF is going on and start investigating the root enabler of this chaos.


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