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Kip Humphrey

Profile Information

Name: Kip Humphrey
Gender: Male
Hometown: La Pointe, Madeline Island, Lake Superior,Wisconsin
Home country: US
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,753

Journal Archives

If I may...

President Jimmy Carter has informed us that we are not currently a democracy; we are an oligarchy.

In this Revolution for Democracy, it is important to remember that we set the battlefield, not the enemies of democracy. The battle you imply is lost relies on a set of definitions, a framing of that battle provided to you by the enemies of democracy. I will offer an alternative frame...

We are winning. By that I do not mean that we are winning a rigged DWS-DNC nomination that has been forced, because we are winning, into exercising massive voter suppression and election fraud in order to provide the illusion that Hillary is winning and has already won. The election fraud borne out by the exit polls is so apparent the M$M canceled their contract for the remaining contests (including California and New Jersey). Rather, I mean that Bernie Sanders is winning the citizenry of this country: his favorability is rising in the wake of his campaign, going up in states he previously lost, and snowballing in front of him. The M$M is against him; the DNC is against him; the Establishment of politicians, lobbyists, welfare corporations, billionaires and Wall Street are opposing Bernie...

and yet, Bernie is winning.

Here are the GALLUP FAVORABILITY POLL results - a national poll taken during April 1-30, 2016:

WHITES: Sanders: 52% Clinton: 28% Trump: 29%
BLACKS: Sanders: 67% Clinton: 60% Trump: 14%
HISPANICS: Sanders: 52% Clinton: 50% Trump: 14%

MILLENNIALS: Sanders: 55% Clinton: 38% Trump: 22%
MEN: Sanders: 53% Clinton: 32% Trump: 28%
WOMEN: Sanders: 57% Clinton: 45% Trump: 16%

CONSERVATIVES: Sanders: 29% Clinton: 26% Trump: 36%
MODERATES: Sanders: 57% Clinton: 37% Trump: 22%
LIBERALS: Sanders: 78% Clinton: 51% Trump: 9%

No college: Sanders: 47% Clinton: 38% Trump: 26%
Some college: Sanders: 57% Clinton: 32% Trump: 23%
Graduated college: Sanders: 62% Clinton: 39% Trump: 21%
Postgraduate work: Sanders: 65% Clinton: 53% Trump: 11%

Perhaps these poll results are not what you expected because of what M$M tell you or even what the election results tell... something you might contemplate.
Do you see the wakes? Hillary is losing key demographic groups nationally; Bernie is gaining those demographics... and its not over. However, do you appreciate why Hillary is doing everything to force Bernie out of the race? I do.

It is becoming clear already that Hillary cannot win in November and Bernie Sanders will. In the pretend GE campaign Trump and Hillary have been conducting over the last 10 days, Hillary has gone from +2 to -3pts, a shift of 5 points in 10 days! That's losing 1/2 point per day nationally. This ongoing slide combined with the Gallop poll details above are exactly why Bernie will win in November. Trust me when I tell you the Democratic leadership is well aware of these realities. If they fail to select Bernie Sanders at the convention they will surely lose with Hillary and they know it. Count delegates all you want but when the rubber meets the road and a Trump presidency looms large, what do you think the Democratic Party and delegates, super or family-size, will do?

Well, I tell you, I don't much care because I will be right outside with a bunch of Bernie supporters to persuade Bernie to continue to November because he will win.
So, I ask you, is it time to lose the battle or is it time to redefine the battlefield?

From July 23 and culminating on July 25th, the Peaceful Revolution for Democracy will assemble in Philadelphia to:
Monitor fairness of the DWS-DNC convention
Seek redress to our grievances regarding voter suppression and election fraud
Show our support of Bernie and his platform
Support Bernie's continued run for the Presidency to November regardless of the outcome of the DWS-DNC convention

Thanks for your time.

A Bernie Sanders comes along about once every 100 years. Bernie is a true transformative candidate

who is honest and authentic with a 40 year history demonstrating those qualities. Barack Obama wished to be a transformative candidate; Bernie IS a transformative candidate. Given the very real crisis we are experiencing, with a corrupt oligarchy having replaced our democracy, with the immediate crisis of global warming driving an imperative to transform our energy systems away from fossil fuels, with income inequality surpassing even that of the Gilded Age, with a corrupt criminal justice system design to oppress the citizenry (if POC), we must stop the madness and seek a new humane, just, and fair direction. So, as things go, I have waited since RFK was killed for a Bernie Sanders to come along and I will stick with and provide my small voice of support to Bernie Sanders at least until November when I will place my vote for Bernie Sanders for President - for my children and grand children.

Signed, a lifelong FDR Democrat.

This event is unprecedented in my lifetime as well as incredibly moving, poignant and inspiring.

When I was 5 years old, I was given the incredible honor of being designated an honorary chief of 5 plains tribes of Oklahoma. I had to smoke a peace pipe in a huge tee-pee in a pow wow of elders of the 5 tribes. It was a life changing experience for me, altering my outlook and approach to life beyond my awareness at the time. Bernie Sanders just transported me back to that transformational moment in my life. I encourage everyone to watch this.

dragonfli, I will tell you of an experience I had with 6 psychologists during the 1996 campaign...

My father-in-law, now deceased, was a mentor and long time friend to 5 colleagues, all psychologists. Each month, they would get together for a poker game. It happened that my father-in-law invited me to attend these games, an invitation I could not decline! During one of these games the topic of the Clintons came up. Keep in mind this was in Maryland and all present were Democrats. As the discussion evolved, they began to talk about Hillary. The discussion quickly turned to Hillary's personality profile. Interestingly, the 6 psychologists were unanimous in their diagnosis: Hillary Clinton suffers from NPD (as you surmise) and psychopathology centered on borderline personality disorder. They went further into the causes, suggesting an overbearing father's early childhood rejection of Hillary because she was not male coupled with a verbally abused and submissive mother as probable root causes of Hillary's psychopathy.

I thought you might find my experience interesting. (for clarity, I am not a psychologist; I just played poker with 6 of them)

there is a path to Bernie running in enough states to win the electoral college should he choose

to run independently after of the DWS-DNC convention. It is a bit complex but Bernie can run in 46 states deciding after the convention.

Were a grassroots effort to register state Bernicrat parties (collecting signatures, paying incorporation and filing fees, etc.) in most states by the state filing deadlines would simplify the process certainly.
Posted by Kip Humphrey | Wed May 4, 2016, 09:22 PM (2 replies)
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