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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 11:31 AM
Number of posts: 7,549

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One example of why there's more need for a freedom from religion act

than there is a freedom for religion bill. A Mormon or Jehovah, I didn't take the time to ask which just came to the door waving one of his pamphlets in my face. I politely said I'm not interested, yet he continued to speak. I slammed the door in his face, and I could see as I did the offended look in his eye.

If I'd wanted to engage in further conversation with him, I would have said look here buddy, you're not a family member, a friend, or a stranger that needs assistance. You're a salesman. I didn't invite you here, I don't want you here,it's my house, my time, my choice not to be interested in what your peddling.

I'm a former Catholic grade school attendee, I got all the education in the ups and downs of organized religion that I will ever need and most probably I will ever want. I don't really care that your branch has a slightly different spin, still not buying.

Look I'm an agnostic still exploring my own thoughts about spirituality, but I don't go and knock on astranger's door trying to sell them my reasons for doubt, why do they feel they have a "right" to try and convert me?

He can go to his place of worship, believe whatever he wants to, I just expect the same courtesy in leaving me to mine.

Not an April Fool's joke, really did just happen.

Governor Cuomo and the Mayor of Rochester NY

now banning travel to Indiana using state or city funds.

This is nuts

We had a green Christmas but now we are going to have a white Easter!

Animal Rights Advocates

Doesn't it make you mad when you say something in defense of animals how there is always someone who replies "well what about people, shouldn't you be caring more about them, doing more for them" as if the two are mutually exclusive?

I responded I care about both as I feel many compassionate people do.Geez!

Attended an online Circle of Life last night

The guide mentioned my mother's name right out and told of a habit of clearing her throat often which my mother did. She wasn't a smoker just always had a dry tickle.

The guide said we got one question each. I asked about my chronic hives and their cause since I've been to 3 doctors with no clue. She said my Mom was telling her that I am far too nervous for my own good and that is what's triggering my immune system to over react. She said that I have to get it under control as soon as possible as it's hurting my heart energy too.

So I am wondering does that mean my heart is being damaged physically or just spirtually? I've been nervous and scared most of my life. I've been diagnosed with clinical and chronic depression, and anxiety disorder. Therapy and medication help some but have never cured either. I don't know how to suddenly stop being afraid or to start loving myself as I was told I needed to last night? My Catholic School upbringing taught me that loving yourself equalled pride and selfishness which are sins according to them. Part of me doesn't believe that but obviously some other part still does because I can't stop feeling worthless and guilty.

The guide suggested I learn to meditate and use lavender spray mist at night before I go to bed. I 'm going to try.

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren

You are not my technically my Senator. You're from Massachusetts, I'm from New York. In many ways though you are the representative for all of us, who feel "we the people" have been forgotten. Too many of your colleagues fail to realize that they were elected to serve every citizen of this country regardless of race, creed, gender, or socio-economic status. They treat us instead like we are servants of both them and the wealthiest of their campaign donors.

During election times we hear many promises that this candidate and that candidate will be sure to fight against this perversion of our founding fathers principles, but as money from those who want to preserve the status quo starts trickling in to their own campaign coffers too many of their voices get softer and softer until they are less than a whisper on the wind. All we see from them is their names on more and more bills that are disastrous for our country, it's people, the world, and environment under the convenient cover of bipartisanship.

Thank You Senator for not being one of them. Thank you for not letting yourself be silenced. Thank You for continuing to confront and remind each and everyone of them of their oaths of office and their obligations to all of the American people not just a few.

I stand in Admiration and Gratitude!

Anyone Else Still have Harmless Celebrity Crushes

even though your teen years are long since behind you? My latest is Colin O'Donahue from Once Upon a Time's Captain Hook. Okay he's young enough to be my son and married to boot, but since it's just for writing inspiration, fantasy and from way afar, I figure who cares.

Animal Quandary

I am torn. Take doggy out for a walk in the sun thus disturbing the first nap the kitties have had in the same sun in months or letting them have their time. They are sprawled all over back steps and even if I take Marnie out the front she will disturb them no question. She can't seem to resist.

Think I am going to try and distract her for awhile giving them a little more time to enjoy their peaceful slumber. Wish I could join them.

Let me get this straight! Anytime the U.S. has an Election

all agreements made by the previous office holders are null and void according to the 47? If I were any other world power, friend or foe of the United States, I would therefore refuse all long-term negotiations with the U.S. as they would no longer be honored through the next election cycle. Will this hold true for a certain trade deal that is being negotiated as well?

How about this on a domestic scale? Any laws that actually managed to get passed between a sitting President and a sitting congress are only guaranteed valid, until the next election cycle as well. Now that could get interesting not to mention confusing.

Hey nice precedent you're setting there GOP asshats!

Dog Kennel Fire

This is so sad. 10 dogs died including a guide dog for a hearing impaired woman. It's a tragic reminder to keep fire hydrants shoveled out and pathways cleared, if you live in a snow belt area. Firefighters had trouble getting to the site and the water.

My heart goes out to the humans whose fur babies were lost.
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