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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 10:31 AM
Number of posts: 7,549

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The town highway superintendent(R)

pulled in my driveway earlier and honest to God the first thing that popped into my head was "I swear I am not one of the five people who wrote in Mickey Mouse" (true story according to the local news) because you ran unopposed in the last election. I may have considered it briefly, but decided to just not vote for that position." Luckily that didn't slip out of the thought bubble.

People on our road were not happy with some changes he made to our road, including me.

He was just here to ask something about the property though.

Insomnia Remedies

When I am having one of those nights where I can't sleep, I have found a rather strange ritual helps.

I get up get a glass of milk, two Peppridge Farm's Nantucket chocolate chip cookies, and then put in a DVD of How The Universe Works narrated by Mike Rowe.

Usually on those nights I am obsessing about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket so I guess having a soothing voice talking about things beyond the troubles of our planet comforts me in some way that helps.

Ailing Man And Ailing Dog Help One Another


I apologize in advance, if the link breaks. This station redesigns their website every couple of days, but I wanted to share this story because it shows the power of the bond between man and dog, and in away also a tribute to nurses. My late Mom was a nurse and I think they rock.

Just Seriously Creeps Me Out

Now I can't stand the majority of Republican politicians any way but for some reason even looking at a picture of Ted Cruz makes my skin crawl. It's just like the crazy and the obnoxious comes right through the camera. I think he is one of the smarmiest politicians we have ever seen in recent years.

Know this is not a particularly deep thought provoking post but does anyone else find him even more creepy than your average puke?

Police Dog Dies in Car

After Being Left for Four Hours

RIP Buddy!

If this was an average citizen they would be charged with Animal Cruelty no question, and so should this officer no matter how "sorry" he is, or what his excuses are.

Poor dog!

I am so Cantankerous with some people lately

It started Sunday. Now don't get me wrong I think the V.O.A. is a great organization, however, they have been calling me literally non stop to ask if I have items to donate because they have a truck coming through my area. I told them there is a local store and when I have something I drop it off and I didn't have any large items that would need truck transport. You think that would have been it. Nope. They call in the early mornings, weekends, 9:00 at night four or five times a week. I finally lost my temper and said "I already told your organization I don't have anything, so please quit calling because it's starting to border on harassment."

Now some guy stops and asks who owns the lot behind you? I said I am one of the owners. He said "can I hunt there?" I said no. He said "do you mind if I ask why," like he thought I owed him an explanation.? I wanted to get snarky and say "because I said so." I did say "because we don't want anyone shooting so close to our house." He then says "but I only use a bow and arrow." I don't care what he uses. I don't want some stranger I don't know from Adam with any kind of a weapon, that near me, my house, or my dog.

Then I sit down to relax the phone rings. I answer. It's some lady, saying "Hi I'm with Pro Life N.Y. " By this time I had it, I virtually growled into the phone, and almost didn't recognize my own voice, "I'm Pro Choice and I don't want to hear any of your crap, so just leave me the hell alone," and then I slammed the phone down.

Normally I go out of my way to be polite, understanding, and non confrontational but I just got thinking " I don't bother anyone, I mind my own business, why can't they just give me some peace.

DUer Hissy Spit Inspires barn cat name

A couple of years back there were 3 identical dark grey kittens born in the barn before th Colony Caregivers could get their Mamma to the spay clinic. There was no identifying features, and all female. Since I couldn't tell them apart I took to calling them the grey gang, and didn't give them individual names.

Flash Forward- One grey got spayed and since her ear tip identifies her, I named her Tiny. A second of the grey gang decided she likes wandering and rarely comes around anymore. Then there is the third.

She followed in her Mama's footsteps and has kittens before she was able to be trapped and spayed. Well ever since she has had the kittens she has taken to hissing and spitting every time I or one of the other cats come any where near her even when her babies aren't in the vicinity. The first thing that popped into my mind was this DU nick name.

So Hissy she is.

Golden Retriever a rescue, rescues his extended adoptive family

This dog was being cared for by his owner's family while she was away. He woke them up and alerted them their house was on fire.

Teddy is the grandmother's dog. He ran upstairs and awoke the mother and refused to leave the bedroom until she got up. Then she smelled the smoke and got her family to safety. The house is a total loss. The part that sustained the most damage was the area where the children were sleeping. No one heard the smoke detectors go off so the dog saved their lives without question.

edited to remove link: Sorry but station is revamping website and link no longer works.

Attention Music Fans Need Help with Early Christmas Shopping

I kind of start my shopping early as I am on a limited budget and don't want to put too much on one month's credit card bill.

My sister, a former trumpet player in high school, has said she has been trying to find a CD of trumpet music, without vocal accompaniment but hasn't been able to discover one. All the ones she has ordered has someone singing on some or all of the tracks. She just wants straight instrumentals.

Anybody know if such a thing exists?

She has a really hard job, needs to relax more and get back to her musical side, and does more for me than I could ever possibly repay, so if I could find this for her, it would mean a lot to me too.

Any suggestions are welcome.

If The Greedy Old Poopers

do manage to steal the Senate, I will be left with many conclusions but the strongest would be this: there are far too many people in this country who are too stupid for their own good. That in itself wouldn't be a problem if the rest of us didn't have to be effected by the sheer idiocy and dangerous consequences of their choices.

I've always hated group punishment.

Even if you're not totally happy with our party right now, and I can't claim I'm overjoyed with all of them either, still go out and vote for a Democratic Candidate this November. We can gripe at them later for what we see as their faults and their failings, but let us remember our first priority has to be getting as many of the far right moon bats out of office as soon as possible first.


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