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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 10:31 AM
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Objective Opinion Needed

My sister and I co-own what used to be our parents house. Itis an old farm house built in the 1880's. I live here she doesn't.

The side flat roof which we had redone about ten years ago started to leak a bit last year.

Well I stayed at my sister's over the weekend. When she brought me home we found a huge puddle on the floor. The leak got a lot worse.

We contacted a roof repair guy recommended by a friend.My sister wanted it done ASAP because we are supposed to get six inches of snow then a rapid melting between tonight and Friday.

The guy came told me, whoever did the roof did it wrong, that it's not pitched right, that shingles shouldn't be used on a flat roof, that we would have to go through town for a permit and replace the whole thing which all will take at least a week or more.

I specifically told the guy about our concerns because of the storm, asked if there wasn't some sort of patch or temporary repair he could do to get us through the storm and he said there was nothing that would work as a temporary fix.

Now my sister's acting all ticked at me like it's my fault! What could I have done differently?

Update on Marnie my 11 month old German Shepherd

Okay after count them three trainers and th e collar experiment, she
is still mouthing and using her teeth on us.

The collar did control it for the most part but she was still misbehaving anytime the collar was off. I talked about it with the trainer who recommended the collar and she said just leave it on her anytime she's out.

To me that's not a solution. Electronics can malfunction, break, or get lost etcetera. I didn't want to constantly have to rely on that to control my dog.

So I contacted and am now working with an animal behaviorist who graduated from Cornell University which is one of the top agricultural and domestic animal colleges.. She says Marnie has a combination personality problem:fear dominance! She also said the dog has no respect for my authority and that the mouthing behavior is the dog's way of correcting a subordinate pack member's behavior that she is unsatisfied with.

The behaviorist said over the next month she is going to train me to become the leader and that at the end of that time the mouthing should be resolved once and for all.

She warned me Marnie's going to resist and I am going to have to cope with her temper tantrums but that in the end it should be worth it. Wish us luck. Hopefully fourth time is the charm!

I'm back!

Followed the Psychiatrist's advice and took a vacation from thinking about politics as much which necessitated a vacation from DU. She did not think it a healthy response when I told her I was rooting for an asteroid to hit the earth the day after the midterm election and that I couldn't stop crying.

Turns out it wasn't just an overly emotional response to the situation. It was a problem with my meds. The form I was on was causing peaks and valleys and half the time I was skipping doses because I thought it was making my stomach problems worse.

When I explained this to her and said I'd done much better when I was on the coated extended release capsules but had to switch because the copay was way too high like $200.00 a month, she called the pharmacy right then and there. Turns out it the extended release has since gone generic and came down to $16.00 a month. So back on that I went.

Believe it or not it was like I had been in a dark room and someone finally turned on the lights. The change was that rapid and that dramatic, exactly as the pharmacist told me it would be when I picked it up. Plus the other version was not just irritating an existing stomach ailment it was the cause.

So while I am still unhappy and ticked about the election at least I have a better perspective about life in general. So I am back at least in the Lounge. Might take a while longer before I go back to the heavy political forums.
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