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Kinda Sad My feral barn gang

Know I haven't been around a lot. It's been a weird year I got extremely ill in the summer with viral meningitis & was one of the unlucky ones who ended up with after effects including mood swings and dizziness.

But I have shared stories about my feral barn kitties here before so wanted to update. My sister and I had been talking about building new ranch homes on the property we inherited from my parents. We are getting closer to our sixties and my house in particular is too hard to maintain as it is older two story farm house not in great shape, especially after being hit by car in 2000. The barn and unattached garage were dilapidated to point where insurance company wasn't covering them anymore.

When I got sick my sister decided to get going faster on my new house as she thinks it will make life easier & more enjoyable.

The only bad thing is the barn and garage had to be demolished a week ago. A new shed was built for the 9 members of the barn gang. The only problem was I was supposed to have two weeks to get them acclimated but because of unexpected good weather I got only four days.

One of the two semi tame ones, my favorite, came back the next night yowled. I haven't seen her since. I have seen 2 of the others briefly. They seem to just be eating a little of the food I left in the shed but it doesn't seem, as if they are sleeping there and it's been cold the last few nights. I feel horrible about it and am sad I may never see them again especially my Bumpkin. I didn't buy them or get them from a shelter, they moved in on there own so technically they weren't my pets but I grew to love them, even though I couldn't pet majority of them,and loved caring for them. It gave me a purpose. I had even gotten all but 2 males neutered and spayed through a not for profit program.

I just miss them so much already. People here keep saying they will come back once excavation is finished but I'm not sure. I am grateful I will be getting new home but I am sad because they lost theirs.
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