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Johnny Cash had a knack for deciphering Morse Code & was 1st American To Know Stalin Was Dead

The things you learn on twitter...

How Johnny Cash Became The 1st American To Know Stalin Was Dead

Years before anyone would know him as a country music singer – let alone a legend in the genre – Johnny Cash would achieve something like nobody else in all of the country…

A young, spry 18-year-old Johnny Cash quickly enlisted in the United States military and his knack for quickly crunching Morse Code and deciphering it proved invaluable to the Air Force.

... snip

During this post, Cash earned the rank of Staff Sargeant and his knack for deciphering Morse Code was recognized. He was quickly moved into a Security Service unit as a Morse Code operator and was given an important role to decipher Soviet communications.

While at his listening post in Landsberg, West Germany, Cash also formed his very first band and was inspired to write one of his most recognized songs “Folsom Prison Blues” while likening his life on a secret post to life in the prison.

Because of the incredibly sensitive nature of his position, Cash couldn’t discuss anything about his work life with people outside of his unit – and for that reason, it wasn’t until many years later that he could reveal the important role he played.

More: https://countrymusicfamily.com/how-johnny-cash-became-the-1st-american-to-know-stalin-was-dead/

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