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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 09:21 PM
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Mugshot of the only U.S. Attorney General to ever serve prison time (so far).

Dear AG Barr,

Here is the official mugshot of John Mitchell, the only U.S. Attorney General to ever serve prison time (so far).

He was convicted for his role in the Watergate coverup.

Do you want to be known as the person who covered up a coverup?



Propaganda works. It's a weapon of war. (A peek at the Trump/Republican propaganda machine)

I'd like to build a thread on Trump's propaganda machine for general information. Because there are much better writers with a lot more knowledge I'll pull from them. -Melissa

Also, a quote from Lincoln's Bible in Part 2:

"... The propaganda machine - well-oiled & working in plain view. Dems have nothing like this. This is it, folks. The whole ballgame. All those progressive ideas/policies you want - or have now & need 2 keep? They're all gone if Trump isn't voted out. THAT's the bottom line."

Propaganda works. It's a weapon of war. The tools our enemies (foreign & now domestic) have to customize, target, & deliver it are nuclear-grade. And the same algorithms & techniques used to target hate/fear & radicalize it into violence are part of it.


From Ben Collins:

Write off the sheer prevalence of the Qanon cult at your own risk.

I've been covering Qanon for a year, and the amount of pro-Q people in this video from yesterday's Trump rally line in Grand Rapids is absolutely shocking. This is just a portion of it.

So many things in American society had to fail for this many people to believe one party is run by an actual Satanic cabal that eats children, and Trump, Jesus and Bob Mueller are secretly ending it. Social media companies helped it grow, but this is widespread systemic failure.

End Part 1
Part 2 in first reply

Adam Schiff is 1 of only 4 Democrats who the WH cannot deny access to any classified information.

Adam Schiff is one of only four Democrats who the White House cannot deny access to any classified information.


Schiff under pressure by Republicans to resign says this.

Watch. Every. Minute.

Adam Schiff goes off, lists the Trump Tower meeting, sharing of polling data, call to hack Clinton, Kushner back channel, and more: "You might say that's all OK ... I think it's unpatriotic. And yes, I think it's corrupt and evidence of collusion."


Edited to say Kevin McCarthy posted a letter all 9 Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee signed calling for Schiff to resign.

News: Nadler says Barr wouldn't commit to turning over the full report.

NEWS: Barr told Nadler the Mueller report is “very substantial.” Won’t turn it over by April 2.

Nadler says Barr wouldn’t commit to turning over the full report.

Nadler says Barr told him how long the Mueller report is but he won’t tell us!

Nadler says he and Barr spoke for 10 minutes. He said he defines “very substantial” as less than 1,000 pages.

ALSO: Nadler said he and Barr didn't discuss whether the report includes a counterintelligence component.

Hey Judge Jeanine! Fancy seeing you in the FBI Vault for the Trump Org.

hi @JudgeJeanine, fancy seeing you here in the FBI's documents about the trmp organization


Here is the statement:

Barr focuses narrowly on "the Russian government."

It's important to remember Barr was very specific in his wording. He said/wrote "Russian Government" vs "Russian representatives, or nationals, or companies.

Barr's letter seems deliberately written to avoid THIS QUESTION. Barr focuses narrowly on "the Russian government." Wikileaks was not the Russian government, but coordinating with Wikileaks is plausibly soliciting/conspiring. Barr seems to be deliberately obscuring. Unclear.


May turn out to be very significant that AGBarr's letter refers to Russian "government," but not to Vladimir's gang of oligarchs? Legally the oligarchs are not the Kremlin, but they are Putin's useful tools for undermining democracy.


I think Barr did exactly what he was put in office to do.

From Virginia Heffernan contributing editor @WIRED / columnist @latimesopinion / tv @MSNBC

Virginia Heffernan Verified account

@page88 contributing editor @WIRED / columnist @latimesopinion / host @realTrumpcast / tv @MSNBC /


Barr's letter to Graham, Nadler, Feinstein, and Collins

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