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Tommymac's Journal
Tommymac's Journal
October 28, 2014

Weiland Kicks "Chicken Little" DSCC out of SD Senate Race!

Just got this email from the Rick Weiland for South Dakota Senator Campaign.

From: Rick Weiland <info@rickweiland.com>
To: tommymac
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 6:17 PM
Subject: quick update from me

Rick Weiland


Two terrific things in one day. At 6 a.?m., I learned our state's most important public poll shows my GOP opponent still stuck at 42% and me within single digits and closing fast.

At 3 p.?m., I told the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to take down the ugly negative ads they have been running in our state to help longtime Republican Senator turned Independent Larry Pressler and go home.

Even as I type, our phones and email are lit up with delighted Dakota Democrats saying it was about time.

So now, it's full speed ahead to Election Day. No holds barred by chicken little D.C. Democrats who start twitching the minute you take off the gloves on the big money interests that pay their bills.

Get the money the hell out of there, fight for the middle class, right up to November 4 -- and we're within 4% in our tracking polls with 58% up for grabs!
If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Express Donate: $15 >>

Express Donate: $35 >>

Express Donate: $50 >>

Express Donate: $100 >>

Or donate another amount. >>

Please, send us the money the DSCC won't.

I'm pouring Wellstone-McGovern oil all over the prairie. Just send me the match!


Evidently they have asked the DSCC to take down it's negative campaign ads attacking the Republican candidate, which in effect boost Independent Larry Pressler, and go home!


From analysis I have read online, it seems DSCC didn't care if ex-Rethug, but independent corporate toady Pressler won, or true progressive Weiland did. Their ads were hatefully negative from all accounts.

Weiland is running a truly progressive campaign focusing on the issues, on what HE stands for.

Sounds like everyday South Dakotan Democrats are happy with this decision to Go Positive. I know I hate negative ads. I bet most everyday folks in SD will see this as a truly Populist move.

IMHO this decision took SPINE and shows that Rick Weiland is a man of Character and has True American Values.

Win or lose - Weiland wants to do it the right way - the Progressive Way, The People's Way. I salute him.

It's about time a Democratic candidate said no to Corporate oil blood money.

I've preserved the links to ActBlue that were included in the email above if anyone cares to donate directly to Rick to help make up for the loss of the DSCC's 'support'.

I gave. Again. For the 4th time. And I am unemployed. But Proud to support a TRUE Progressive.

(crossposted from my blog article on DailyKos)

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