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Tommymac's Journal
Tommymac's Journal
October 10, 2015

Feel The Burn Governor Jindal! Campaign slogan morphing into a Movement?

(Note - Not certain where to post this - perhaps General Discussion would be more appropriate but it is partly about one of Bernie Sander's campaign slogans so I posted it here in GDP. Admins/Mods - Feel free to move to appropriate forum if desired.)

It looks like one of Bernie Sanders' main campaign phrases from the intertubes - #feelthebern - is catching on as a mainstream idea - so much so that spin-meisters are using it in a political ad against Republicans now. This ad is from a (conservative!) Democratic candidate running for Louisiana's State Senate, Mickey Murphy

At 00:24 seconds in Mickey Murphy says : "Feel the Burn Gov'nor, we gonna clean up Your mess!"

IMHO, Feel The Burn is now morphing into a symbol, an Idea, one that has transitioned to Mainstream thought just as "The 99%" did a few years ago - symbolizing a Movement to be feared by the Establishment, i.e Anyone, regardless of Party affiliation, who is party to the ongoing corruption of Our beloved Republic on any level - not just a campaign slogan for one candidate.

If nothing else, Senator Sander's has brought this idea to the table and his campaign is a success no matter what happens in the primaries.

Feel the Burn Establishment!!

(With thanks to Jeff Singer, front pager at the DailyKos who wrote this article yesterday

If you ever wanted to watch a drill sergeant force Bobby Jindal to do push-ups, here's your chance )

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