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Tommymac's Journal
Tommymac's Journal
November 26, 2022

Just Sayin'... what a difference a Flag makes.


Linda @Lindademocat · 14h Replying to @itsJeffTiedrich
Picture: Left pane 4 Trump/Nazi/Russian/Confederate Flags with the caption Trump Flags; Right pane The Stars and Stripes with the caption Biden's Flag

I'm with Joe.

November 22, 2022

Stephen Colbert FTW: "Former president officially reinstated on Twitter. We're not thrilled." 😂


The Late Show @colbertlateshow · 25m Official
The former president is officially reinstated on Twitter. We're not thrilled.

Colbert just nails it.

November 15, 2022

🚨 Help Wanted! Boebert's 1112 Lead to be Challenged by 'Curing' Signatures - Volunteers Needed Now!


CALL TO ACTIVISM @CalltoActivism · 23h
HOLY MOLY: Lauren Boebert’s 1,112 vote lead is now in real danger as thousands of votes for Adam Frisch could be fixed within the week if volunteers succeed in having select ballots confirm their signatures.


CALL TO ACTIVISM @CalltoActivism · 22h
Democrats are looking for volunteers RIGHT NOW, please RT so we can push Lauren Boebert out of the House.


Here is the Direct link to the effort to Cure Colorado Ballots (The link in the above image goes here eventually):

(Legit Website - Work has appeared in NYT.)
We deliver hard-hitting news and action-based infographic headlines to tens of millions of followers each day.

Our goal is to help Democrats with messaging by defining issues on strong emotional terms that resonate with voters. We want to STOP allowing the GOP to win arguments. We want Democrats to stop playing Defense.

A hidden Gem in the Tweet is the disguised link in the image goes to a site with TONS of opportunities to help cure ballots nationwide:

Take action with Grassroots Democrats HQ

November 15, 2022

And here is HOW we do this:


"Recruiting and Supporting Young Progressives"
Since launching in January 2017, Run for Something has recruited nearly 100,000 people across all 50 states to run for state or local office.
We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive leaders — at all stages of their journey — helping them run efficient, strategic, grassroots, driven campaigns while feeling supported throughout the process.

If you don’t take our word for it, hear how we help from Run for Something candidates, partners, mentors, volunteers, and alumni.

By Amanda Litman
On January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day, we launched Run for Something, a political action committee dedicated to helping young people run for office by lowering the barriers to entry. We launched a website, opened up a bank account, filled out the paperwork, and sent a press release to a list we acquired from some friends in PR. Then we emailed our friends, posted on Facebook, and crossed our fingers.

The immediate reaction was astounding. Thousands and thousands of people signed up to say they want to run for office. Volunteers started dedicating hours of their weeks to talk to people about running. Hundreds of Obama, Clinton, and Bernie Sanders campaign alumni joined folks from across the progressive movement to mentor our candidates for free. We’re supporting our candidates with resources and funding—and, already, it’s making a difference in school board, city council, and state legislative races across the country.

Our goal is to change the landscape of the world by planting a whole lot of seeds in the form of young progressive candidates. I hope this book can help.

All rights reserved (P)2017 Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Get Involved. 2024 is just around the corner.

November 14, 2022


Here is the direct link to his campaign website.


One can get volunteer information or donate directly to his campaign there.

(I did donate a small amount and became a proud Founder.)

November 9, 2022

Many Many Thanks to All the SANE voters in my Commonwealth. 🤗

Now I know for sure I'll be able to deal with my anxieties the next few years.

Hope still rules!!!

Gonna quietly celebrate for a bit and send my agnostic prayers to wherever they may or may not go.

Then it's back to work, after all 2024 is not that far off.

November 1, 2022

📢 The Truth will have you out of your chair cheering & clapping along! Brutal Takedown of H. Walker


Texas Paul Schroder @Paultx890
OMG: Texas Paul STUNNED by Pastor’s COMPLETE TAKEDOWN of Herschel Walker
@YouTube youtube.com
OMG: Texas Paul STUNNED by Pastor’s COMPLETE TAKEDOWN of Herschel...
Pastor Jamal Bryant issued one of the speeches of YEAR in a must watch TOTAL TAKEDOWN of Georgia Far-Right Republican Candidate for Senate Herschel Walker. M...
10:02 PM · Oct 31, 2022 ·Twitter for iPhone 78 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 302 Likes

Pastor Bryant's speech is a MUST HEAR. (Starts at 01:52 if you don't want to listed to Texas Paul.)

The Truth will set you free.

November 1, 2022

Here it is. Young Democratic Voters are Going to Guide The Coarse of History. 💪


Victor Shi @Victorshi2020
The media & pundits want you to believe young voters aren’t showing up. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What we’re seeing across the country is that it’s young Democrats, NOT young Republicans, who are surpassing 2018 turnout rates. Data in next Tweet:
10:47 AM · Oct 31, 2022 ·Twitter for iPhone 1,953 Retweets 58 Quote Tweets 8,372 Likes

2 Pictures of Chart with Data.

The large majority comments to this tweet are absolutely awesome and uplifting. If you twitter make sure to check them out.

I believe that this generation which has been through the crucible of school shootings like no other in history, has suffered under opressive student debt, fought back against the Opiod Crisis, and experienced first hand 4 years of Racist, Misogynistic, Authoritarian Political Insanity is going to rock the very Earth and help generate the biggest Blue Wave ever.

So let's all get out there and HELP THEM LEAD THE WAY!



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