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Gender: Male
Hometown: Madison Wisconsin
Current location: Madtown
Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 05:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,209

Journal Archives

The jurys are different (since the software upgrade)

that after you vote, you no longer get an email to see how the vote went.

Soon I will not even volunteer to be on a jury if I am totally left out of the loop as to its outcome.

Green Partyís Jill Stein is in Burlington,Vermont,DNC is paying close attention

Jill Stein arrived in Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sandersí hometown, on Friday. Stein, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party, has watched her polling numbers increase and her donations soar by almost 1000 percent as many Berniecrats flock to the candidate that most closely aligns with Sandersí progressive movement. After Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton on Tuesday, Sanders supporters headed to the Green camp in droves, choosing Stein rather than Clinton as their Plan B.


If a tree falls in the forest........


But now that Clinton has completed her interview with the FBI

it means the bureauís final report will be forthcoming soon, which will make clear once and for all that she was never being investigated for anything.


I don't know, but it kind of makes my head hurt....................
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