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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 01:48 PM
Number of posts: 11,566

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When was the last time someone came to the lounge for a hug?

Ya know, this sorta scenario: Raine pushed the doors open and said 'I need a hug. Can I get a hug? ' (and then Raine hugged a person in the lounge.)

I think a hug thread would be awesome.

so here:

and here:

9-alarm fire; Beacon street in Boston.

live video.
Scanner feed.
Sending prayers to the firefighters and the people in the building. Boston has to be windy as hell today after yesterdays storm.

Could we have the in Memoriam post

link in the Announcements group pinned?

It's a bit difficult to find. In order to get to this, http://www.democraticunderground.com/inmemoriam, it seems people need to know this http://www.democraticunderground.com/10133577

Maybe a pinned post might help people find the memoriam page. I mention this because of this post in the lounge:


Game over. The Boss covered the Bee Gees:

(Disclaimer: I am an unabashed fan of both the Bee Gees and Springsteen for different reasons)

Bruce wins... I might even get my hubby to listen to this version!

Sitting here on a bean bag chair. It's sorta slippery and now I am hungry:

In the name of the father....

Easter 2014:

April 20....

I Can't wait!

That is all.

I just have to share this great news from my family!

Via my Brother in Law (he shared it on the Book of faces) He's the Arlington Admirals Hockey teams coach. (For my fellow NY'rs, they are in Lagrangeville, NY)

I am please to announce that the Arlington Admirals have won the States for the Varsity High School Hockey Division and we are on our way to the USA Hockey Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm proud of all the players who put the hard work in to achieve a remarkable goal. We have more work to do, but I'm confident we are up for the challenge.

SO proud of the BIL and his kids!

In honor of DUers GratefulforHope, SmileyRose & BeHereNow A silent thread of love:

SNOW. HArumph

Just off the phone with my sister. She lives in the in the hudson Valley. They are not really gonna get hit. (YAY for the VAlley! )

Here I am -- with fellow DU's, prepping for a mess of a snow storm.. Rain turning to frozen rain and then snow.

Because of the rain, they could not pretreat the roads.

Hubby will be working from home tomorrow.

IF I still lived in the Valley I would say it just the way things are... But I live in Alexandria, Virginia. MArch, Snow. HArumph.

We are having Caphrinia's, plantains and jerk chicken tonight.

Stay safe my friends!
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