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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 12:48 PM
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About that video from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I can't find any of the OP with the video, so please give me a pass on not kicking it back up.

I cried when he spoke of the aftermath of nazi Germany. I had family that was among that group. I never met them, and they are not spoken of in my family. I know very little about them.

My 4 grandparents were born in Germany. To the best of my knowledge, they came to the USA before the war. I can only definitely confirm that my grandparents on my mother's side came over in the teens. IOW, before WW2. Those scars run deeper than Arnold speaks of. It became generational here on our shores as well. I'm a second-generation American.

He's right about the damage done to families. Trust me when I say the trauma is passed down until it is dealt with. The trauma stopped and healing began with the second generation in my family.

That said, we must hold people accountable before we can heal and reunite. Nixon being pardoned may have had a short term healing, but we are suffering the damage of that action. The people involved, the people that incited this need to be held to account. Accountability is not vengeance.

We need to impeach again so future generations will be given a nation that had a chance to be able to unite and heal.

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