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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 08:52 PM
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Really sick of Democrats making fools of themselves

I'm watching the Senate committee hearing on ecigs right now and I'm so disgusted ...


This is such junk. Whose attracted to flavors like cherry etc? "I'm not" as they drink FLAVORED Canada Dry soda. It goes downhill from there. I'm just hoping there isn't a Sen. Harkin moment were he holds up a USB charger as proof they are marketing to kids.

Why does alcohol, condoms and personal lubricants have flavors? How about NRT gums with flavors? I guess those are to attract kids too.

The fact is that nicotine without combustion is up to 90% safer. NRT products are safer for that reason. In study and study after study, that's not disputed. The FDA / CDC don't dispute that. There is also ZERO evidencce that kids are picking up ecigs! It has risen among kids who are already smoking (the CDC forgot to mention that in their original press release).

I can't watch. They are too stupid to believe.

Posion control calls? <1/100th of the number of calls for TOOTHPASTE. A majority of those calls were for information. Not an incident, largely due to press releases. There was a grand total of 1 er visit in 6 months, which did not result in admission to the hospital or treatment. It's called hysteris. Have you ever tried eliquid? It is nasty. People get sick and throw up before overdosing. Aren't kids attracted to gums which also taste good (unlike eliquid). The percentages of nicotine in both are the same.

I mix my own eliquids. Yes, it's wise to keep out of reach of children and pets. I doubt there's objections to child safety protections, even proactively (unlike nicotine gum). Just as no one objects to restricting sales to minors. I don't even think banning underage from vape shops or limiting ads to "non-kiddie" hours or banning ads althogether would see a serious rise in objections.

Banning ecigs altogether like the FDA deeming regulations are posed to do - yes. That would be crushing the most important public health advancement in this century.

True to form, all these "tobacco acts" really do is to protect Marlboro.
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