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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 08:52 PM
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The Maddow Show no longer podcasts

The full show is behind a pay wall now.

What is with liberal, progressive media? One of the reasons FOX viewership is so large and we've seen the influence of that has been that it's available everywhere, for free. Even on my cell phone plan, FOX was the only news show offered for free.

Basic cable offers FOX but MSNBC is several tiers higher, right up there with Showtime and HBO. Are they kidding?

I live in a very, very red state and watching local news or reading the daily paper is very misleading. Air America was here for 2 years, became hugely popular (ended for other reasons involving a court case that they won) and durinng that time the unthinkable happened - the state almost turned BLUE! Enough of a swing state the DNC set up a permanent office ...

However, without Air America or a voice in the media, the DNC pulled out in 6 months.

Meanwhile, to gain access to hear Al Franken's show there was another paywall.

I am so sick of this. Progressives are sunk until they can find a way to support media. I would subscribe to The Maddow Show but that doesn't seem to be an option. I am not going to pay over $100/mth for 300 useless channels on a 2 year contract just to get the Maddow Show.

So stupid. I can't believe I'm the only one upset by this.

Is she joking?

Not even Medicare covers mental health at par with coverage of physical illness. Altering that would go a long way to reducing any "stigma".

What happens is without treatment (known and proven, not just a pill) mental health issues deteriorate, reducing income and resulting in Medicaid becoming the largest supplier of mental health treatment (next to prisons). Most Medicaid mental health programs have been severely gutted and don't offer minimum treatments using proven medical standards. At best Medicaid mental health treatment is a warehouse program largely because they are a voiceless class, i.e. low hanging fruit. Medicaid, unlike insurance such as Medicare, loose their rights to appeals and court due to being federal regulation. Try finding a "Medicaid" attorney. They don't exist.

However, CMS is "not an enforcement agency" even though CMS writes the checks. No one is and a state can write any standard in a state plan without medical soundness required and CMS approves since there's little else they can do. CMS approves even knowing a state is violating federal regulations. States insure this further with contradictory, vague state laws so that not even the occasional, delusional "robin hood" attorney will take a case against Medicaid. Every state makes money off Medicaid and most start with gutting mental health programs, turning them into federal money laundering programs for state general funds.

Obama's made this same appeal since 2008 and promised mental health parity with physical illness but it's gotten worse instead. Someone, please, point out the difference between Mrs. Obama's comment and Bush Jr's "kiss of support" that usually meant a program was cut 24-48 hours after Bush Jr. made a speech offering his support.

I'm sorry folks, this is more of the same for the ignorant. I hope I'm wrong but just watch what's on the chopping block next.
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