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cilla4progress's Journal
cilla4progress's Journal
August 16, 2020

DU Hive mind weigh-in on Israel - UAE deal


August 14, 2020

No Julian Castro at Dem convention - WTF -

is this true?? Angering, if so.

Any Latinos/Latinas on the schedule?

August 13, 2020

Hakeem Jeffries for AG!

Who's with me?!

August 13, 2020

Michael Bloomberg should bail out


August 12, 2020

27 year old daughter now excited

to vote for Joe.*

*She would have voted for him nonetheless. But now EXCITED!

August 12, 2020

As an old white woman, I remember

how it felt watching the response of African American people watching Obama's ascension.

Feel the same way now.

Uplifted, alive, hopeful, optimistic, in awe. Respect!

Really great listening to African American people, women, enjoying, dwelling in this moment. Joy Reid. Maxine Waters. Cory Booker.

Loving this. Balm for my soul.


August 9, 2020

Walp. 4 hour tour of crazytown.

Sadly, tonight I confirmed my friend of 40 years is a trumper. Simply confirmed suspicions.

She very genuinely implored of me that it not affect our friendship. My heart tells me to comply. She is more apolitical, I would say, but has drunk the kool-aid.

It got a little ugly due to a 4th person present. My husband was there and of course supported my arguments.

What to do, what to do.

I hate this.

August 7, 2020

Tiny momentum shift today

with McGahn ruling, Jean Carroll rape lawsuit proceeding, even NDAs going down? (WAPO article). And of course, MichelleO in the house!

Tiny, but measurable.

Over and out.

August 7, 2020

Drumpf is the devil.

Look what he says about Biden's religious life. About grab women by the pussies? About John Lewis. If people can't see that, well, I have no words.

August 4, 2020

Over think Jonathan Swan interview q with me

comparing stats for death as a proportion of cases v. population.

Deaths as a proportion of cases would be higher than as a proportion of population.

What is the salient point being made here in mocking drumpf?

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