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cilla4progress's Journal
cilla4progress's Journal
August 29, 2020

Try this again.

I'm ashamed of my white privilege.

There. Fixed it.

As a white woman of means, I know it likely will not be i, who will succumb to COVID, police brutality, nor systemic oppression.

Doing what I can. Knowing its not enough.

August 29, 2020

Why so much self-hatred among the RW

in America?

They are ALL a death cult.

August 28, 2020

I often speculate,

are we the country Obama saw? He was so good-natured about us, saw the best in us. He was not only smart and elegant and ethical but of good humor and good heart. He made me -us- feel good and proud to be American.

I don't know. I really just don't know.

August 28, 2020

I think everyone, at home and abroad,

sees - knows - whats going on.

Does that mean there is the will to stop it?

Jury's still out.

What a shithole country we've become.

August 27, 2020

Noisemaking outside W House during drumpfster's speech tonight?

I read about planning for this on the tweet machine. Anyone know if it's happening?

Hope so!

August 26, 2020

When one side plays by the rules

and the other flaunts them, justice is but an illusion.

August 26, 2020

I'm ashamed of my race (white)

Too much?

It's how I feel.

August 26, 2020

The ugliness and chaos is getting to me.

Anyone else?

I'm angry much of the time. I need relief.

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