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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 01:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,345

Journal Archives

now baby Michelle

another beloved

dancing in the dark


fired up...ready to go

brilliant Obama story of trip to North Carolina when he was first running.

Woman in the back yelling out.. Are you Fired Up. Ready to go.

God is Obama good

in Florida I think. up now.


Tweedy calling hrc clean....not bad. Says she can win with Comey letter. nt

Tweedy has Cummings up now nt

oh no....Tweedy has the Conway up. They just can't leave her along or us free of her. nt

Wolfe leading repugs to continue to condemn HRC

Makes me mad.

wonder what orangeboy will be saying on the stump the one day left

What lies will he continue to spew?

msnbc asking Kellyanne about this

as one could expect very negative. Maintains story.

Shit is a mild word for this person and for the whole mess. She should never come on the air. Msnbc should be ashamed.

I muted it and she is still spuuiiing.

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