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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
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On prisoners and hostages in foreign lands...

...not to be unsympathetic but a large majority of these people put themselves in harms way. From the PTSD ex-marine who crossed the Mexican border with illegal weapons, to Christians passing out bibles in China, and onto "tourists" wandering into hostile lands for suspicious/clandestine/idiotic purposes.

Now every time we seek to free one of these people it seems to involve the valuable time of US senators and representatives or highly placed State Dept. employees and often the use of US Air Force transports and sometimes even the irreplaceable time of our sitting President. Often the politicians on the right wing even advocate war as a response and damn the cost-an American is being held...

My question is this-why is it we can't raise SS benefits to save millions of Americans who have done nothing wrong but we can spend millions or even start a war to save a handful of Americans who put themselves at risk?

You know who Bernie Sanders could use as VP-Joe Biden

I think this might be doable-convince Joe that Hillary is both too centrist and carries too much baggage. Tell him that he can be the Savior of the Democratic party. That he and Bernie can together set the new democratic agenda. He has the experience and the "Amtrak Joe" and the kids background. He is both beloved and a sympathetic character.

Let's look at this scenario-Joe jumps to Bernie bringing his supporters. That get's Sanders/Biden over the 30% mark. Elizabeth Warren, smelling the blood of centrists in the water, immediately endorses the new ticket. Obama can no more disrespect his friend and Vice President withholds his endorsement but his wife openly endorses Biden and house and senate D's scent a new era coming and hop on the bandwagon.

The media smell something else-blood in the water and an easy narrative-Hillary fades again...

By October it's pretty much all over. The guy with the 40 year old, FDR style new plan and our beloved senior VP own the democratic party. The republicans say fuck it and let Jeb run. Most Americans live happily ever after.

This isn't truly about the primaries...

But the last time I looked at camp color wars (Clinton vs Sanders) on Act Blue pages for DU Clinton donations were 6 people for $85. While we pretend a parity of input over 200 people and $6000 for Bernie are merely equal in the GD-P wars. I love this site and it's founders and as avowed Clinton supporters they try to show balance. But I wonder what the result would be if all star members were to be allowed to vote fror a DU endorsement???

I see some people posting hit pieces on Bernie in a protected group...

So what I want to ask here was when Hillary came under fire in Bosnia was she on the helicopter before or the one after Brian Williams???

I saw Bernie in Rochester New Hampshire this morning...

It was a dismal and rainy 52 degrees and the stop had only been announced last Thursday. That said, the venue was a restaurant called the Governor's Inn and a banquet room was set up with maybe 160 chairs.

The room was filled and had quite a few standees a full half hour before the start time. The event was by RSVP and there were additional chairs in an adjoining outdoor area but It seemed lightly used as it was cold and raw...I'd estimate the crowd at about 250 and almost certainly no more than 300. Bernie was delayed about 15 minutes up the road filming a piece for George Stephanopoulis.

The speech he gave was like most his others hitting on wealth disparity and economic justice. The crowd lit up a bit when he paraphrased FDR's "They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred." He never told us whose lives mattered but he did talk about blacks suffering higher rates of unemployment and hit against US incarceration rates stating that 1 in 4 black males born today could expect to be jailed in their lifetime unless the system was changed. Not much on international diplomacy-just that he had cast one of his first votes against Desert Storm 1 in 1990 and against Desert Storm 2 in 2003. He noted that Saudi Arabia comes in third in the world in military expenditures and said US boots should not be on the ground while the Saudi refuse to engage.

I'd heard most of this before-it was in fact what I came to hear. But for me the important thing was to be in the room and see the man up close without the camera lens. I liked what I saw. Unlike the caricature the guy is open, smiles easily, and is extremely comfortable-He is the guy I'd like to have a beer with. It was fun to see him explain his positions and great to see a guy who actually get real angry discussing the Koch Bros. and Citizens United-I can tell you that part of his address is where 90% of the scowling photos come from. He walked in without a necktie and as you see, as he gets wound up the jacket goes and the sleeves get rolled up and the voice rises as proceeds to thrash the oligarchs.

It's been a while since I've attended a political event. I read, I discuss, and sometimes I even contribute. The first rally I ever attended was for Hubert Humphrey in '68. This was my second. I found what I was looking for. This man is the real deal.

How frequent are mass shootings in the US-142 in 2015


This is a poll listing every mass shooting this year...

You have to admire the candor of skinheads flying Swastikas...

...at least they don't claim it's because their grand-daddies fought on the losing side at Stalingrad...

Ok-here is my new avatar and signature line... N/T

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