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Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 04:56 AM
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i recently learned a lesson i didn't want to learn

and that is: sometimes it is just their time

my little dog decided one day (about 8 weeks ago) to stop eating and drinking.
tests at the vet the next day, trying her favorite foods, alternative foods, force feeding her baby food and water out of a little syringe (with no needle of course)...
a couple days later and we did more blood work, urine test, xrays...
she had a strong heart
(oh good, right?)
and she was getting weaker and weaker
one week and $1,000 later, for some unexplained reason, she just died.

it was as if she decided (for whatever reason) it was "her time" and i prolonged it for about a week by feeding her but she got her way and she died. and i still can't figure it out. and i still can't get over it. and i'm still devastated.

i just googled and found that the lhasa apso life span is 12-14 years. my baby was 13.5 years. but i wanted more. i suppose we always do.

i'm sorry you're going through this. i wish both of you well.

my advice: do what you can and whatever you feel is best.

i tried to look at it but turned it off

i lost my little friend just over seven weeks ago and i was sobbing for her off and on tonight. i'm still not over it. she was/is precious to me and my heart aches so terribly much for her. she was tremendously loved and loved me back. what more could i ask for? time...
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