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i just read the stories on your link

(i didn't click on other links)


the only phone thing along this line happened years ago -- the day my dad died. he had been on a noisy respirator that had a sound all it's own. after he passed i came home and got on the phone to call a friend and i heard that respirator on the phone line. at this point i don't recall if i heard it over the ringing (my friend never answered, he wasn't home) or if i heard it before the call was connected and began to ring. but it freaked me out to no end!

after that i had two dreams about him--where he was walking better than he had been able to (and no longer using a cane) and the second dream where he walked perfectly and looked happy and healthy.

maybe that respirator sound was kind of a fluke--maybe he was still trying to get his bearings (it had only been 2 or three hours since he died)

my mom and i had a signal for the phone and it's always surprised me that she never signaled me after she took flight. the first couple of years i got a lot of signs from her but never the phone signal we had.

it's very sad what happened to your friend, polly

it's always such a tragedy when we lose someone who touches our heart, who lightens our spirit, or who is part of our soul.

and i really mean that--i'm still grieving for my mom & it's been over four years (and my little dog & that's been over 9 months).

sometimes we are resilient and recover (in varying degrees) from our losses sooner rather than later. sometimes losing someone in our life takes us down a longer road. which ever path you travel, i hope your journey is filled with love and peace.

your friend sounds like a wonderful guy to be around and i'm sure he'll keep you in his thoughts wherever he is. maybe, in some way, he will even let you know that. i believe that even though you may not be seeing him for awhile you will have the chance to see him again. (and then you could tell him everything you didn't get a chance to say--or you could tell him now. he'd probably listen. and maybe even giggle. )

the video you posted for "dancing in the sky" is such a lovely song (and that girl's voice is absolutely beautiful on it it). thank you for sharing that. take good care.

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