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Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 04:56 AM
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lol. (to be honest--i actually hug the little pink winter coat

that belonged to a little dog i was so lucky to have and live with for the last three years of her life. she passed 15 months ago and i'm still missing her. she was my "kitty."

"i'll be seeing you again"

"there's no such thing as the end.
there are only new beginnings.
i'll be seeing you again."

i posted this back on the old du in jan. 2011. it was an excerpt from a song sung by mae whitman on parenthood (season 2, episode 12), called graveyard song.

i feel this is a good reminder for so many of us

my heart goes out to you.

it hurts so bad when they go them because we love them so very much.

i feel he'll be waiting for you in your heaven because love is the tie that always keeps us connected to one another--those we love we will see and be with again. but i know that is little comfort during this time.

i'm so sorry that happened to your baby.

i just had to click on this thread

i have tried, fairly successfully, for the past several years to ignore politics and the majority of crap on the "news" since the death of a family member--my world and mindset has changed dramatically since my mom died.

her and i shared a passion regarding bush & his pals (an extremely negative passion)--she detested him so much she couldn't stand to see his face on the tv! she'd either turn away or close her eyes.

the other day i had the car radio turned to a news station as i was waiting to hear the weather and they reported on that fuckhead's whereabouts with essentially this news blurb:

"Former President George W. Bush said he had a "moment of clarity" while listening to a young girl read in a Florida classroom as his chief of staff whispered to him that the second tower of the World Trade Center had been struck by an airliner on Sept. 11, 2001. Bush says he knew that from then on, it would be his job to protect the girl, her family and their community. The former president spoke Thursday at a college scholarship luncheon in Cleveland, an event that coincided with the 13th anniversary of 9/11"

i think your first photo would have gone along extremely well with the above paragraph.

thanks for posting all of these.

she sounds wonderful

wish i would have known her.
her and my mom would have gotten along great! maybe they'll bump into each other.

have you considered writing a book about her?
"Everyone Needs An Aunt Betty" by scrubthedata.

i'd buy it--or check it out of the library at least. (lol!)

i love coffee but i drink whatever is on sale. can't afford much more.

i love 8 o'clock coffee.

my mom & i drank that for the last several years of her life. she used to tell me about when she was younger, working at the A&P, grinding coffee and slicing cheese for customers. maybe i love it because of our coffee times together & the stories she shared. btw--coffee time was at 6pm every evening, and whenever i got up in the morning.
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