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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 9,429

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Rachel talking Cindy Yang, fake charity, high level military connections with Chinese govt. & GOP

Another web with deep, wide, treacherous tentacles. Is there anywhere the GOP doesn't have their tentacles?

RE my post about McConnell, Russial, China, Chao: What we can do. Will you help?

I posted this yesterday and it's at the top of greatest.

McConnell / Russia /China /Chao corruption connection: new significance. How deep does this go?

I said this: "The McConnell connection is so under-reported in the media and explains so much.
I have often thought that a bunch of us should send this to Rachel, Lawrence,
Chris Hayes and ask them to dig into it. I always think of it when they start going on about why GOP leadership continues to support Trump, as though it's this big mystery. They are totally protecting themselves, and it seems so obvious."

And many of you agreed that this is extremely important and vastly underreported.

So I am proposing that a bunch of us email MSNBC hosts and ask them to dig into this and cover it, thinking that if they get enough people asking for it, maybe they will. There are links to some excellent coverage in the post i did yesterday:
McConnell and the Agents of Power and Influence
This is a very well researched and documented article with more outside links. Send it to them and ask them to dig into it!

However, I discovered that finding their email addresses is easier said than done, with the exception of Rachel, who is right out there with her contact into - she often mentions "Send it to Rachel". She seems to be the only one who makes it easy to contact her.

This is what I came up with:
ari at msnbc (dot) com (Ari Melber)

Couldn't find Lawrence or Joy. Katy Tur is good too. Anyone have any other email addresses or able to track them down? I don't do Twitter.

We could also send it to NYT, WaPo, etc. I would so love to see RAchel take it on, though.

Other ideas?

McConnell / Russia /China /Chao corruption connection: new significance. How deep does this go?

It is becoming more and more apparent that we have an international organized crime syndicate.

Reposting a thread from Feb. in light of recent events:

"...the Chao family had by far the most significant effect on McConnell’s personal life and career. Thanks to second wife Elaine and her family, McConnell became a millionaire many times over and forged ties with contacts at the highest echelons of Chinese government and business.
Elaine Chao’s father is shipping magnate, James Chao.
As McConnell’s acquaintance with Elaine Chao developed into a serious relationship, contributions began to pour into his campaign from the Chao family and their business associates. Their wedding ensured that the spigot was never turned off."

"Fast forward to 2018: McConnell retains his position as senate tyrant after the midterms; Elaine Chao is the Secretary of Transportation in Trump’s cabinet, and the Chao family maintains extensive contacts and business investments in China including a seat on the Board of the Bank of China which is partnered with the Russian VTB Bank that is part-owned by oligarch Oleg Deripaska who shares ownership in Rusal with Viktor Vekselberg whose business partner Len Blavatnik donated $3.5million to McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund.
It’s little wonder then that he’s blocked every bipartisan bill to protect the Special Counsel’s investigation."

"...It’s hardly surprising when you realise how enmeshed he is in corruption. He must be terrified of being caught — so the last person he’d want to protect is Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
This also explains why he was so aggressively opposed to President Obama going public with warnings regarding Russia’s attack on American democracy in 2016."

"Because the tyrant in charge of the Senate isn’t just flawed, isn’t just inadequate to the enormity of the situation, he’s also corrupt. No honorable man would subject his fellow citizens to such privation and misery if he had the power to prevent it."

"Addison Mitchell McConnell is without conscience, without benevolence and without honor."


Excellent breakdown of McTurtle's ties to Chinese and Russian oligarchs.

(Original thread by VaLefty: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211668442 )

And another relevant articles:

Emails Reveal Coordination Between Chao, McConnell

Edited to add: The McConnell connection is so under-reported in the media and explains so much.
I have often thought that a bunch of us should send this to Rachel, Lawrence,
Chris Hayes and ask them to dig into it. I always think of it when they start going on about why GOP leadership continues to support Trump, as though it's this big mystery. They are totally protecting themselves, and it seems so obvious.

Two feet...to make you laugh.

Two feet of snow in Seattle. From a few weeks ago.

Remember this? More true every passing day.

Trevor compares Trump to African dictators. I was just listening to some news and remembered this. Thought how it is becoming truer each day.

And here is a more recent elaboration by Trevor on how comedy has changed in the age of Trump where he elaborates more on the African dictator theme:

AOC Just Expertly Laid a Trap to Get Donald Trump's Tax Returns (Mother Jones)


While Republicans on Wednesday repeatedly hammered Michael Cohen over his efforts to secure a lucrative media deal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used her time to focus on one of the most consequential topics concerning investigations into Donald Trump: his ever-elusive tax returns.

It was one of the more anticipated appearances by a lawmaker on the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Her clear and purposeful line of questioning, which appeared to lay the groundwork for the committee to subpoena the president’s tax returns while capturing the names of those in Trump’s inner circle who may know details of his financials, was widely praised.
Check out the comments at the link. Here's a sample:
Matthew Miller
.@AOC just got there and she is asking better questions than 90% of members. Short, specific, factual, with no speechmaking. (Maybe it's because she just got there.)
1:48 PM - Feb 27, 2019

"Not one question so far from you and your colleauges has been asked about Pres Trump"

Cohen in response to ...was it Jordan? Cohen said the American people want to hear about Trump. "THat is what I came here to talk about." He is doing a remarkable job of calling them on their BS. He has pointed out very clearly what their game is numerous times now.

I wonder if he naturally speaks in sound bites or if that was a skill he cultivated.

Andrew McCabe appreciation thread. He has done so much for us!

I wish I had his email to send him a message of support. I often wonder on these appreciation threads if the person being appreciated ever sees them; if maybe someone they know forwards the thread to them. I feel a strong desire to express appreciation to him.

I have been very impressed with him in all the interviews I've heard and feel that what he is bringing out could (hopefully) be a game-changer. He comes across so rational, calm and thoughtful, and is highly articulate. One of the things that has struck me is how very much FBI and intel people give of themselves, often at cost to their personal lives, and sometimes at great cost.

Edited to add: listening to him on Chris Hayes just now, he also displayed a great deal of empathy. On Colbert last night, he was quite funny, in a very dry way. He interviews extremely well, which makes him really effective in conveying his message.

Lawrence asked McCabe if T thinks only people who like him should be allowed to investigate him

McCabe said he thinks that's true. That T and cronies have no idea how investigations work.

2017 Lawrence segment on Nunes: so important he covered it twice to call more attention to it

REposting a thread I posted March 24, 2017, because in light of McCabe's comments about Nunes, it is important to realize Paul Ryan's part in the Nunes' relationship with the WH. This from a Lawrence segment about Nunes running to the WH but conferring first with Paul Ryan. It was largely overlooked at the time and Lawrence thought it was so important that he did another segment on it a few days later.


Has everyone forgotten Ryan told Nunes to tell Trump? Why is Nunes taking all the Heat? (ODonnell)

Those of you who saw Nunes's presser after he went to Trump will remember him saying he first went to Ryan. Lawrence O'Donnell did a whole segment on this last night talking about how people seem to be completely overlooking this, and that Ryan is desperately hoping people will forget this. Many are demanding that Ryan remove Nunes but forgetting that it was Ryan who told him to go to the WH in the first place. In his later presser, which O'Donnell shows, he says Nunes fell on his sword for Ryan when he took Ryan out of the story and took full responsibility for going to the WH.

So why is Ryan not taking heat for this and Nunes is taking all of it? This is a really big deal and digs the corruption hole much deeper:

Transcript of Lawrence O'Donnell Thursday:


Everything Devin Nunes did yesterday was crazy, unprecedented just isn`t
the word for this. It was out of control crazy.

The sequence of what he did shows that the justification that he offered
yesterday for what he did is just not true. The first thing he did with
that information was tell the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why did you not discuss this with the Ranking Member
before you came to the White House?

NUNES: So yes – no, and I`m going to be meeting with Mr. Schiff at some
point to go talk about where we go with this investigation. But I have
been – I had to brief the speaker first.


O`DONNELL: I had to brief the speaker first. That`s the line that`s been
lost in all the coverage of this. That was Devin Nunes` second press
conference of the day.

That was at the White House after he spoke to the president. His first
press conference of the day was at the House of Representatives announcing
that he was on his way to speak to the president, and what he was going to
tell the president about.

So he didn't have time to speak to Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the
committee, which is the first thing an intelligence committee chairman is
supposed to do with new information.

That`s what we`re supposed to believe. He didn`t have time because he had
to tell the Speaker first before Adam Schiff?

Everything Devin Nunes did after telling the Speaker was something the
Speaker approved of. You don`t go running into the speaker`s office with
something like this and not get the word directly from the speaker of
exactly what he wants you to do next.


You have every right to believe that Paul Ryan was very angry with Devin
Nunes exposing him as being involved in the delivery of this intelligence
information to the White House yesterday.

Because today, when Devin Nunes talked about it, he fell on his sword for
Paul Ryan. He completely took Paul Ryan out of that story. Devin Nunes
took full responsibilities for the decision to go to the White House.

Swalwell interviewed here as well:

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