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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 56,401

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We have a Pence sighting!

Is Hadji the whistle blower?

And he dropped the hammer on Sen. Johnson too.

Part of the GOP Fog Machine Rep. Mike Johnson D-Bag Louisiana


BTW as per his claim this AM that the Dems wanted impeachment from day one w/Trump
and to that I plead guilty. Trump was installed after a dirty election by Russia and Trump
was well aware of Russia's actions and worked with Russia too.

Good Luck Jimmy Carter Thread by DUer imanamerican63 Post if you want.


Just a thought on Jimmy Carter and things

Carter put up the 1st generation of solar panels on the White House (water heaters) and said this is the future but Reagan, the Republicans, and the fossil fuel industry took 'em down and told everybody that "this hippy fad" will not be needed. Where would the world and America be now if we had stuck with green energy? How many millions of tons of carbon not been sent up into the atmosphere?

Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter were a gift to us all.

We all need to keep up the fight for them.

Rep. Peter King in 2004 prior to voting ... never forget

So Trump has now admitted to a high crime in paying the $2,000,000 penalty for his scam charity.

The House can impeach him in one day then the Senate can vote to find him guilty and
remove him from office the next day. End of story.


He took money in to help the vets and kept it until he was caught and he used $25,000
of his charity to bribe Florida's A.G. not to investigate his scam Trump U.


Help please: Didn't Trump use money from his charity to pay off Florida's Pam Bondi for some favor?

After a while I just can't keep up with all of Trump and company's crimes.

Both Don and Don Jr are in deep shit


Click on the letter and then click again on the tweet to see an expended form of the letter.

My Old Kentucky Home

" incumbent Kentucky governor up five percentage points just before Trump visited Lexington ..."


I was wrong ... no way I thought KY would flip ... 2015 the KY Governor's Race was way dirty ...

... but now? This is amazing. BTW wasn't Trump in KY a few days ago and said this is about
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