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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 53,357

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I might be wrong but this conflict w/Iran just doesn't pass my smell test

Trump orders a bombing attack on a faction inside of Iraq that is loyal to Iran after
he has a phone call with Vlad Putin.

That pro Iranian faction retaliates by having riots outside of the US embassy in Baghdad.
Is our embassy still inside "the green zone" in Baghdad and if so how did the rioters get that
close to the embassy?

And now Trump orders the killing of 2 Iranian leaders that were in Baghdad further escalating
the conflict.

I smell Gulf of Tonkin and Iraq had WMDs so we have to attack them after 9/11 all over this shit.

This is madness.

How long after Trump spoke with Putin did he ...

.... order the air strikes in Iraq on the supposedly Iranian aligned Iraqi faction? And how did the attack benefit Putin?

My birthday present ... very useful

Some of my family asked what i wanted for my b-day (tomorrow) and
I said a new toilet would be nice. The old one leaked from the tank
into the bowl and it would clog up at almost nothing and so as i type
a plumber is putting a new one in. Don't tell me I don't live an exciting

BTW I have put in @ least 6 to 10 toilets in my life but it is really nice
to watch somebody else do it for a change.

How to stop the Russian/GOP talking point about '16

Trump and the GOP keep saying that the reason he won and Hillary lost is because that he, Trump, went back to states such as Wisconsin and Hillary didn't and that is why he "won."

That is false and easily proven. Now Russ Feingold was at >90% chance of winning and he sure didn't leave the state to work someplace else and yet he still lost.

The reason Trump won was massive Russian interference and inside help from the GOP and members of the Trump Campaign such as Brad Prascale who told the Russians where they needed to work.

Does anybody know what happened to Weather Underground's on line web site?

For years it was my go to weather site but for the past 1/2 year or so
it no longer has any content and or radar maps.

I see the named used on the Weather Channel but its on line presence is now nothing.

Can we get a list of all GOP Senators who took Russian money*? And before they vote on Trump's

innocence or guilt as per the articles of impeachment.

* Or visited Russia in 2018 or got NRA (aka Russian) money in 2016?

I would be real interested in if Marsha Blackburn has gotten Russian money too.

The Drifters ft. Clyde McPhatter - White Christmas (Atlantic Records 1954)

ATTN Moscow Mitch no fucking way

Your deal is to go ahead and start the trial in the Senate and then you'll promise to be fair about witnesses and evidence being allowed to be in play.

Sure we can trust you just like with Merrick Garland and the Kavanaugh hearings investigation into Brett's past behavior.

Fuck you Moscow Mitch.

This! Putin owns Trump. Every republican in the Senate should have this in front of them 24/7


Trump is retweeting Putin.

Merry Christmas ... come and get your love

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