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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 61,062

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God Damn him.

In 2018 Trump/Bolton fired the global pandemic response team (national security council) and I don't know who did it
but the funding for work on a corona-virus vaccine (SARs) was also cut too. We have him on tape (2/20) as saying that
it was a good business decision to fire those people.

In Feb. 2020 the University of Washington and the Seattle Dept. of Health found a C-19 case in Seattle and
notified the C.D.C. (Trump Administration) about the case and were told to stop testing for C-19.

And today with a virus that could kill and make sick millions of Americans so now he is worried about the
markets and so he cut the Fed's interest rate on loaning money to the banks to zero in order to help the markets.

Live link .... Gov. Mike DeWine is gonna do the right thing ... gonna shut down all bars ....

.... and restaurants in OH


Flattening the Curve question for Stats/Math Nerds

In the "flattening of the curve" aren't we going to get the same amount of cases over the
long run but just not a spike in the # of cases in a shorter period of time?

Is anybody else's "internets" running really slow tonight?

I wonder as America shuts down and more and more people go online will slow speeds
be a fact of life?

Look I get the feeling that we are in for a shit storm the will rage around us for God knows how long
but if I can't download youtube videos of 'gators crossing fences I will be lost.

Just asking for "a friend" but if both Trump and Pence are unable to continue in their jobs ....

.... because they got C-19 wouldn't Nancy Pelosi become President?

And would that not also prove the existence of a just God too?

Pence & Trump are idiots

Pure gibberish. Any lab in America can do the tests. Pence. Results and other results will be looked @ to see the results. Trump. It has to do with nucleic acids and the RNA. Trump's director of his Corona virus program.

Did Trump's travel ban from Europe include Russia and the Ukraine too?

Just asking.

Trump's talk @ 9:00 PM drinking game

take a shot

if he blames Obama

it is under control

the border wall

the democrats will not work with me

slurs and or mispronounces a word

coke sniff

Russian hoax has tied up my time

Mike Pence is working hard

2 shots if he:

Blames Hillary

The scientists have it wrong

some of the best people

on top of it

Adam Schiff

3 shots and turn it off if he:

talks about his uncle teaching @ MIT

From the Trump administration, after a Seattle teen found to have coronavirus: "Stop Testing"

A must read


People died and will die because the Trump Administration didn't want the bad news about the Coronavirus
to get out.

I just saw Noam Bramson the Mayor of New Rochelle, NY on MSNBC can he be POTUS now?

I had no idea who he is or had I seen he before but I was very impressed.

The situation is changing by the hour and we are going to respond by listening to
the experts and in this case that is the people from the state. very rough quote

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