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slipslidingaway's Journal
slipslidingaway's Journal
March 29, 2012

No, not really, the Dec. 2007 AP-Yahoo Poll had 65/54% depending on how ...

the question was asked.


You can also find more info here


And the July 2009 Kaiser Poll had support at 58%, but the lure of "a public option" was in full swing by that point.

Unfortunately the corporate media, and sadly politicians from both parties, have done a wonderful job of silencing any discussions.

I had a much longer post prepared, but I hit the wrong button.

Bottom line there is support, we just need our politicians to stop blocking the issue.

"Citizens' Health Care Working Group" Ignores Citizens
Posted by slipslidingaway in General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010)
Fri Sep 21st 2007, 01:22 PM


Is there more support for a single payer system than we are being told?

Congressional Task Force Disregards Public’s Call for National Health Insurance

"The group created by Congress to listen to Americans’ ideas for improving the health system has ignored their overwhelming advice to create a national health insurance program. Although a national health program was by far the most favored option at 86 percent (25 of 29) of the meetings of the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group (CHCWG), the group’s recommendations avoid the clear public preference for government-guaranteed health coverage.

When given a choice of ten reform options at public hearings held by the CHCWG, participants clearly favored a national health program by a margin of at least 3 to 1. At meetings where participants were asked to rank the 10 options, national health insurance was ranked first 16 of 19 times... "

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