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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Shebogygan, Wisconsin
Member since: Thu Dec 16, 2004, 03:35 PM
Number of posts: 21,120

Journal Archives

"Teen girls are developing tics, Doctors say Tik-Tok could be to blame."

Snip< "Movement-disorder doctors were stumped at first. Girls with tics are rare, and these teens had an unusually high number of them, which had developed suddenly. After months of studying the patients and consulting with one another, experts at top pediatric hospitals in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. discovered that most of the girls had something in common"

Snip< "specialists at other major institutions have also reported similar surges. Since March 2020, Texas Children’s Hospital has reported seeing approximately 60 teens with such tics, whereas doctors there saw one or two cases a year before the pandemic. At the Johns Hopkins University Tourette’s Center, 10% to 20% of pediatric patients have described acute-onset tic-like behaviors, up from 2% to 3% a year before the pandemic"

My niece developed tics last year, thought this might be relevant for some of you.


Passenger Accused Of Attacking JetBlue Flight Attendant, Rushing Cockpit.

Snip< "Investigators say Khalil El Dahr tried to make a cell phone call. When the call did not go through, he became agitated. He eventually rushed towards the cockpit yelling that he wanted to be shot in Spanish."


Kicked in the ribs. Harassed At Vaccine Sites. Health Care Workers Are Tired Of New 'Normal'

Snip< “There's not a week that goes by that we do not hear about an instance in which a patient or family member was verbally or physically aggressive with staff,” she said.

Snip< “Our health care workers, they're already working extremely hard, day-in and day-out, to take care of those that need it most,” Reed said. “So dealing with a violent or aggressive patient just increases that stress level even more.”


Amazon is lobbying the Federal Government for legalized weed.

Snip< "This summer, Amazon announced that it would not test for marijuana as part of its job screening process. The company also began explicitly advertising that it would not test applicants for marijuana use, a move that Bloomberg reported increased the number of job applications for some positions by as much as 400 percent."


Walmart worker resigns over loud speaker, " F-k this job."

Snip< "Attention Walmart shoppers and associates, my name is Beth from electronics," Beth McGrath said over the store’s PA system. "I’ve been working at Walmart for almost five years and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid."

Snip< "I’m tired of the constant gaslighting," McGrath went on to say. "This company treats their elderly associates like s–t. To Jarred, our store manager, you’re a pervert. Greta and Kathy, shame on y'all for treating our associates the way you do. I hope you don’t speak to your families the way you speak to us.


Elizabeth Warren says," Fed must break up repeat offender."

Snip < "Wells Fargo is simply ungovernable," she said in the letter, the latest in her lengthy campaign against the bank, which has been penalized repeatedly by regulators for a range of issues.


How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Republicans are waiting on Fox news for the number.

Encounter with a Roundabout Karen.

If you have roundabouts in your area you will understand. "Karen" was driving really fast to the yield sign. I was in the
roundabout and laid on the horn. "Karen" jammed on the brakes and yielded.
When we were out of the roundabout "Karen" stared riding my bumper. Told my niece, get the camera on her phone ready.
Pulled over and "Karen" stopped, I put the window down and she started screaming. "Karen" said, I know you thought I
was going to fast and wasn't going to stop. My niece started laughing then "Karen" drove off mad when she saw the niece was videoing the freak out.
People are crazy, be safe and have the video recorder on your phone ready.

Bill Barr's new book, how I blocked warrants for Rudy.

Snip < By summer 2020, prosecutors decided they had probable cause to get a warrant to examine Giuliani’s communications, people familiar with the matter said. Mindful they were seeking the communications of a lawyer in a politically sensitive case, Manhattan prosecutors approached leaders at the Justice Department in D.C. seeking approval to move forward. They were rebuffed


Fear Inoculum

Immunity long overdue
Contagion, I exhale you
Naive I opened up to you
Venom in mania

Now, contagion I exhale you
Deceiver says, he says you belong to me
You don't want to breathe the light of the others
Fear the light
Fear the breath
Fear the others for eternity
But I hear them now, inhale the clarity
Hear the venom, the venom in what you say, inoculated

Bless this immunity
Bless this immunity
Bless this immunity

Exhale, expel
Recast my tale
Weave my allegorical elegy

All that I'm to do
Calculating steps away from you
My own mitosis
Growing through delusion from mania

Exhale, expel
Recast my tale, weave my…

Tool: Fear Inoculum
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